Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday's Dinner

Leftover NOM NOM NOM chicken.

Nothing much to report today. According to the "YES, you're probably DYING" wheel, I may have pancreatic cancer but it's probably a tummy ache.

Gee, how about another exciting episode of KEEPING UP WITH THE KECKY'S! I have been thinking a lot about my and Poppy's old age. Given we don't own children we wonder who will take care of us when we're old, can't feed ourselves and need help in the potty palace. Seester Kathy already laid down the law with Nephew Lucas and told him he gets the job, but I don't want to do that to him since he'll have to do it for Seester Kathy and Bro-n-Law Darryll...and you know the way our luck goes in the family and how much we like the Two-Fer so poor Nephew Lucas would probably get stuck with all of us at the same time. That said, I can see he'd be a kickass patient advocate.

I could ask Niece Ashley. She's really good with Dad. We'd always have cocktails, a gluten free diet and she knows celebraties!

I thought about asking Boss Karen. She's got two kids, Sydney and Annie. I've watched them grow up. That's almost like being a parent...only different. Must be worth something. Plus, they're both educated so, presumably, they can do math and dole out the drugs correctly.

There's Netty-Mae's son, Jacob. He loves Poppy and me, he's sooo easy on the eyes and just plain fun!

Then there's co-worker Mollie's two kids, Jack and Kate. I've been their emergency contact for years so they owe me. Hmmm, might want to rethink these two.

What about Friend Laurie's two kids, Matt and Meghan? They are considered family and I've watched them grow up. Matt's an artist so we'd always have pretty pictures to look at. Meghan is a nurse and that could really be a Codsend at a time like this!

Well, I guess the reality is Poppy and I will probably end up in some nursing home for angry, hairy old lesbians. Hope I can ride my Hoveround there!

So long!

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