Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time to celebrate!

Here they are:

Seventeen boxes containing 71 binders that contain 35,464 pages..I'm tired!

I need a treat!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaacccccckkkkkk!

For the moment, anyway...

Here's the last binder that I made for this incredibly frivolous and stupid lawsuit.

Yeah, that's one of about 63 binders I've made since last Thursday.  Now I'm making mailing labels for the 16 boxes that said binders are sitting in.  Well, trying too...

Hey, how about another episode of My New Office?  You will recall all the problems I've had with the Stupid Printer...well, it only got worse.  Basically, I was printing all this junk for the court because I figured it would be easier than sending it out since I would have to go through every page anyway.  It was all working pretty well, until my print cue/quay (however it's spelled) started sticking.

I found that if I printed two documents back to back, it would stick and I'd get the little message "Your Print Job Failed To Print."  BK said she thought I deserved to have my own personal IT person at my beck and call.  Okay, then sometime last week, I started printing this really large, heavily colored document and something really bad happened.  Not only to my department's two printers, but every other Xerox in the place would only print out blank pages.  The natives were starting to get angry at me...I'm not kidding, I couldn't walk down the hall with out getting the stinkeye.

As of yesterday, that little problem was fixed...but I'm still laying low.

Now, I want to print mailing labels for all my boxes.  Just the thought of having to print something other than a white sheet of paper is now causing heart palpitations, profuse sweating and a tic in my right eye.  But, I'm not afraid...this printer isn't going to get the best of me!

Whatever, I've been trying to print a sheet of labels for about an hour-n-a-half and I'm ready to chuck the F__king-Stupid-Machine out the window.

The last error I received from the Stupid-Machine said "Your Printer Needs An Intervention".  REALLY???  Guess I best reserve a conference room and get some people to sit in a circle around the Stupid-Machine and intervene.  I'm thinking Tough Love is the best approach!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Piggy Parts Two...

So Waste-Nothing-Poppy picked apart Porky.  Surprising amount of meat too...

and fat and cracklins...NOM!

What now?  Let's make stock!  I roasted Porky's head and into the pot he went.

The only parts we didn't use were the eyeballs.  I'm pretty food-adventurous, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Th-th-th-th-that's all folks!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's all about the pig!

Recall Porcine-Poppy and I bought some pig and some beef.  Lucky for us, they gave us the piggy-head.  Spacial-Poppy needed more room in the deep-freeze and I've been wanting to roast a pig-head since the last time we were in South that's what I did.

Here's Porky chillin' out before heading to the oven.

After a bath and an olive oil and salt rubdown, Porky was ready for the sauna...

After 3.5 hours, Porky was all done.

Depression-Era-Poppy and I really enjoyed being able to use most of Porky's parts.  Not to much has been wasted and I really dug researching the cooking process and cooking Porky.

My new/old project from hell continues...Okay, it's not so bad, but a time suck all the same.  I'm confident I'll finish it up this week.  Recall, I have a court-mandated deadline of the end of September to get this all done.  Everything else has been put on the back-burner...STT, you should see how much filing I've got just sitting!

The best part is that I can wear my little headphones and listen to Pandora while I print, collate and cross-reference all these docs.  I'm on 20,000 something pages...the last doc is page number 35,464.  Yay for me!

Thing is, I've always wanted to be a sing-ga, so having this Pandora is really cool, except I want to belt out most of the songs I'm listening too.  I don't think my people would enjoy this...but just wait until I'm alone in my office...Simon Cowell will wish he were there!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My life is not my own...

Taking a little break from writing.  Working on a project from H.E.L.L. at work, which leaves me no social time.  Boo.

Starting tomorrow, and for the next year, I will eat every meal with chopsticks.  I say fun!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Countdown to the Never-On-Cinco-De-Mayo-Party

Been a busy day...

We got yer slow cooked Texas Strawberries (okay, they are veggie beans):

I did put a bit of liquid smoke in them to give them that faux smoked pig flavor.

We got the BBQ Sauce:

This is a take on Smoliks Meat Market sauce...It's been Keckyized.

We got some huge brisket (bigger than Jax) and 7 racks of ribbies.

We got 60 fresh squeezed limes and some boozie for Poppy's famous Tekillkelly Margs:

And ...We got The New Braunsfels:

Some BBQ magic will be happening in there.

Less than 24 hours until the fun begins!