Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mon Drunk Cut-Finger Puppet Show...

What do you do when you cut your finger?  Make a video!
Poppy and I crack us up!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Over the weekend...

I made a big fat pot roast for dinner.  You know, the kind you make in the Dutch oven with carrots, onions and potatoes?  My recipe was based on the Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pot Roast.  The cookbook sitting next to that one was called The American Woman's Cookbook.  So, I started flipping through it.  It was published in 1946...

Here are a few of the pics that are in the book:

 Mmmm hmmm.  My oven is always waiting for a man!
I don't know about you, but a big steaming cup of Irradiated Evaporated Milk sounds pretty NOM right about now!
I have an English Cousin?  I think the Wheat Flour Institute is into more than just wheat!
And my favorite...
Everyday is a Gay day for me!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Well, that was a fun weekend!

Seester and Bro-N-Law had a 4th of July BBQ...look how crafty Seester is!

Yep, it's an exact replica only it's made out of beads and shells!

I didn't take any pics of the BBQ, but here's the next morning...

They had a very fun day!

Friday we went for a drive down the coast.  Parked the truck, had a little lunch at Half Moon Bay Brewery and walked around Princeton for a while.  Went to leave only to find we had a dead battery.  Still trying to figure that one out.  A nice man in a truck gave us a jump.

Once home, decided I wanted to watch something, but Project-Poppy wasn't ready to settle in yet.  So I watched one of my very favorite "B" flicks, Orca!

Here's Bo Derek:

Uh oh...Here's Bo Derek's leg...

I highly recommend this movie...One of Richard Harris' finest pieces of work!
Okay, so Sunday Poppy's friends from the Depression-Era were in town for a visit, so we had them over for a BBQ.  I didn't take any pics of them, but I did takes some food porn...
Porky-Poppy made her famous ribs.  I made...

Beans and...

A fat steaming pot of greens!

One of the couples, Nancy and Denise, invited us all for New Years.  They live in Madison, Wisconsin.  We totally want to go and I'm going to buy a Cheese-Head hat when we get there! Oh, and the Bridges of Madison County takes place in Ohio not Madison, Wisconsin.

So Nephew-Lucas was on ESPN3 over the weekend.  In addition for playing for the San Francisco Dogfish, he's just been recruited to play with the San Francisco Revolvers.  I wasn't able to watch the games this weekend, but Seester told me that Nephew's coach was interviewed and said that Nephew is definitely one of the best players coming up through the ranks. How exciting is that? Pretty darn exciting!

Let's see...

Oh, isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen?

It's a dog's life!

Monday, July 1, 2013

What a fun and exciting week it was...

We had such good news with the rejection of DOMA and whatever happened with Prop 8.  Still a little confused about that one.  So now Prenuptial-Poppy and I have turned our attention towards wedding/party plans.  But here's the thing, do we have a full-on wedding or just a big-fat-party?  I think all our people would like to see us get married. I've asked Seester to be my Maid of Honor.  I never really knew that the Maid of Honor's job was to basically be the bride's bitch. Heh heh heh.

So many things to think about.  I'm sure things will start to unfold soon.

Saturday night, we were supposed to hook up with some pals of Poppy's that were in town but that never happened.  I was cranky and craving a steak so we stopped on our way home to get said steak...check this out:

That was the thickest steak I've ever seen and Grillmasta-Poppy cooked it to perfection!  Tonight will be our third meal with that steak!

Sunday, we headed down to the Civic Center to be Gay with our peeps and those who love us.  That was crazy crowded, but we had a really good time!

Here's Bio-Shock-Poppy on MUNI...

And of course, there's always Jax-The-Soul-Stealing-Dog:

That's all I got!