Monday, June 24, 2013

Let's go to Portlandia...

So that's what the family did this weekend.  Unfortunately, Graphic-Designer-Poppy had a conference all weekend so she missed all the fun!

Reason we went was to see Major-League-Ultimate-Lucas' game and also to visit with Niece-Ashley.  Niece Ashley and BF-Adam moved up to Portland last summer.

Now, I've only been to Portland once and that was for a bike trip that me, Motivation-Nancy and Angry-Joanne made down the coast.  Goal was to ride from Portland back to Berkeley.  By the time we reached Crescent City, I'd had enough and rented a U-Haul to come home. Angry-Joanne kept a daily journal of our travels...that she let me read.  One passage: "Clearly Kelly is miserable."  This coming from a woman who threw a hissy and tossed her bike a few feet.  I'll never forget that as long as I live!

But, I digress...When we got to SFO and were waiting for our flight, I saw something I HAD to have:

Just about the coolest thing ever!

Friday night, Niece and BF took us to Henry's Tavern downtown.  I'm pretty sure there is no bad food in Portland. I'm not sure what Dad is doing to his face...


My breakfast the next day:

That's house-cured salmon too.

And of course, there's beer...lots of beer:

Really, I was taking a pic of the beer not Tiffany's oobies!  That would be weird and creepy.

Here's the view from the roof deck of the hotel:

Here's the little dog waiting for me to come home:

Poor baby.  One thing about Portland, it's a very doggie friendly town.  Even the hotel we stayed in took dogs.

Time for MLU-Lucas' game.  I didn't get any pics of the game cause it moves so damn fast but here is one of the half-time shows.  It's a father/daughter acrobat team:


Oh wait, I do have a pic of the Portland Stag's mascot:

We found this pic on Facebook.  The Dogfish posted our picture since we came all the way to Portland to see it:

MLU-Lucas had a great game too.  I lost count of how many goals he made.

Okay, so after the game the announcer said that the team would be going to the local pub called Leisure Public House.  We all decided to go.  BF-Adam checked out how long of a walk it was; didn't seem bad so off we went.  I should probably mention that we're all taking turns pushing Dad in his travel wheelchair.  Oh, and a piece of advice...if you travel, consider getting one cause you get through security in a jiffy and they check it for you right before you get on the plane.

So we made it to the pub.  It was really cool.  Seester made a new friend:

Bro-n-Law's Niece, Tiffany was sitting next to Kathy.  She is not a fan of the kitty.  Oh, the reason Niece-Tiffany came with us was to surprise Niece-Ashley:


Tiffany got married a few weeks ago; not to Ashley, to Tomas:

Aren't they pretty?

As it turns out, MLU-Lucas' and his team did not come to the pub.  Because they were on a team bus, they had no way to get there.  So, we were going to hook up with him at his hotel, but that never happened.  Why?  Have I mentioned this pub is out in the burbs?  Well, Niece-Ashley called two cabs to take us back to our hotel.  One showed up so Seester put Dad, Bro-n-Law, Niece-Ashley and BF-Adam in that cab.  Me, Seester and Niece-Tiffany waited for the second cab...that never came.  Seester kept trying to call and finally got a hold of one.  So after it was all said and done, we were back at our hotel at 1:00am.  We had to get up at 6:00am for our flight home...GOD-DUH!

Speaking of the flight's only supposed to take a wee over an hour but with the weather and SFO's aging airport, all flights in and out of SFO were delayed.  Our flight was at 10:05am.  I didn't get home until about 3:00 in the afternoon.  GOD-DUH!

So that was our whirlwind trip.  Here are a couple of weary travelers...

But what is Seester looking at?  I wanted to take a pic so I pretended I was taking a pic at Dad:

Sitting behind Dad are three huge people.  I figure it's okay for me to talk smack about fatties since I am one.  The lady is eating a corn dog and the strange guy is eating a hot dog.  Good food for the fatties...there is another guy, but I couldn't see what he was eating.  Both guys were wearing very large utilikilts, that had stains all over them.  This young couple holding a box of pizza walked by the Fatties and all three of them simultaneously said "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?" I swear, I thought they were going to tackle the kid holding the box.  Turns out they'd brought the pizza in from outside the airport.  Our big fear was being sat next to one or more of know that wouldn't be any fun.  But as luck would have it, we didn't.  I had a regular sized guy sitting next to me and Seester had some petite woman sitting next to her.

Guess that's about all I got.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Welcome to the thrilling and exciting adventures of Exploration-Poppy and Tombstone-MomJean!

So, Adventure-Poppy and I-See-Dead-People-MomJean are on a road trip!  I decided that I'd share their journey with you...

Adventure-Poppy left around 10:00am on Sunday to hook up with Grave-Hunter-MomJean in Beautiful Downtown Burbank!  Although, I have no pictures, they had dinner at this Mexican place in Chinatown.  We saw the place on one of my foodie shows.  They specialize in mole (not the rodent, the sauce).

Today, they took off for Santa Ana.  Here's lunch from the Gypsy Den:

I believe she said it was duck and bacon sausage...
Here's my my desk. 


Here's MomJean's Great-Granddad, Roscoe Leroy Trickey...

and Great-Grandma...

I don't see a resemblance.

Yeah, that means Jax and I are single-successful chickies this week...

Jax spent Sunday afternoon watching the Big-Antes (formerly known as the Gigantes due to auto-correct)!  She needs to stop drinking so much beer cause she passes out!

How does she sit like that?  Her back legs are behind her head. Our little contortionist!

While Jax was recovering, I decided to remove the dead palm bush from the front yard.

Nothing grows there, not even weeds.  I'm going to put some of that weed barrier stuff down and then some cocoa bean hulls.  I think we should hire a gardener cause I've come to the conclusion I do not like gardening!

So after I removed the dead palm bush and put it in the compost bin, I noticed it was a little tall so I needed to top it so I could shut the lid.  As I was topping it, I noticed that it's infested with earwigs!  WTF??  Now I've had to leave the whole thing out on the driveway cause I don't want those things coming in the house, crawling up the stairs, in my ears and then burrowing a hole into my brain!  GOD-DUH!

How much reality T.V. can I watch while No-Trash-TV-Poppy is gone?  A lot!!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ever feel like someone is watching you?

I do...

She just started this a few weeks ago.  I really have no idea what she wants.  Why can't she talk??  Anyway, it gives me the creeps.  Seester calls her "Soul-Looker".

Here's a good one...One of our Cube-Mates moved to another department.  Another co-worker moved in to Cube-Mate's former cube, which happens to be next to Mr. Invasive-Cud-Chewing-Rude-Guy.  So, Mr. ICCRG pokes his head into New-Cube-Mate's area and says "I thought I heard a new voice." then proceeds to tell New-Cube-Mate that our area is different than where he came from...we're much more quite.  Then Mr. ICCRG walks back to his cube and starts mowing on an apple.  Picture giving a horse an apple and all the sights and sounds that go with it.

Peddle-Poppy and I have been riding the lectric assisted bike for a couple of weeks now.  It's so cool and a fun way to get to work.  Evidently, these things are becoming all the rage too.  Who knew?  Not me.