Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday's Dinner

Awesomely deliciously NOM!!

But before I tell you about it, let's check in with KEEPING UP WITH THE KECKY'S! As of yesterday, all our ducks are in a row and we're ready to close. The seller's have asked to move the close up because they put an offer on a house and want the $$. We're fine with that because that will get us in the new Kasa Kecky sooner. We signed an addendum that will give Seller's 70 days after close to stay at the new Kasa Kecky and pay us rent. That's fine by me because it'll give us time to go through the old Kasa Kecky, plus take care of Dad's house and all belongings.

So the Presidio Trust is sponsoring a "Spring Clean" with the Salvation Army on Saturday. They will be taking household goods and e-waste. Poppy and I cannot pass up this opportunity to purge, so we spent last night culling the kitchen and the shelves in the porch room. I've got two T.V.'s and about 10 bags of clothes and dishes sitting in the back of the truck. It's almost like I've lost weight...only different.

That brings me to dindin...Even though we went to Costco last week and stocked up, I find that we're out of food. In the fridge, were leftover roasted potatoes, two florets of broc and two eggs...oh and some "aged" cheddar cheese. It didn't start out as aged, but it's been in the fridge for so long it's aged itself. It's really NOM too and it's one of Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer's favorites!

Okay, so I put the potatoes in my 10 inch cast iron skillet and stuck them in the oven on 375. I cut up the broc and tossed it in olive oil, Kecky's Herbed Salt and pepper and stuck that in the oven too. Meanwhile, my trusty assistant, Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer and I grated the cheese. Once the potatoes were warmed through, I topped with the cheese and kicked up the oven to broil. Then I fried the eggs. By the way, I fry my eggs in olive oil. Once the potatoes and broc were done, I plated them, topped with the egg, and served with a side of the yogurt dipping sauce I had made the night before. Uber NOM!

See ya!

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