Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday's Dinner

Was at Limon in the Mission. So disappointing! We started with the oyster shooter. It was so over-salted we could hardly eat it. Ended up fishing out the oyster from the salty brine and eating it alone. Then we had the Ceviche de Pescado. We had no complaints about that, it was very good. We had the Empanadas de Carne, Scallops and the Ensalada Verde. Salad was NOM as were the scallops, albeit, over-salted. The most disappointing thing to me was that we spent over $100 for a meal that was substandard. I'm still upset. I've been reading reviews on Yelp and it looks like we were there at an off night but there's no way I would risk trying it again. Today I suffer the effects of the over-saltiness. My eyes are so puffy I can hardly see. My fingers look like Cuban cigars!

Yesterday was Costco day! We're all stocked up for the next couple of months. Yay! We've got toilet paper coming out of our...ears!

Seester Kathy and I have been checking in with each other to see how things are going with Dad. They got him a giant clock so he'll know what time it is and won't get up at 2:00am to take a shower. ;) She said things are going okay but he seems really depressed. Mostly because of his eyesight. Without his eyes, he feels there's not much left for him. He also doesn't seem to realize that he can't do things by himself, like take a walk. Seester Kathy said he wants to go walk around the park where they live, but she's afraid he's going to get lost.

So now what happens when he finally moves in for good at Seester Kathy's? Poppy suggested we check into a daycare kind of situation, but he'd hate that. Dad has never, ever been a joiner-inner. Maybe we can take him to Your Health and let him hang with the Russians! I know we're not the first ones to go through this...I wonder if there's a book?!

I will leave with another exciting episode of THE HUNT FOR KASA KECKY! We received an email from our Kickass-Agent-Lynnea yesterday that the house appraised at $690,000. This is EXCELLENT because it appraised $10,0000 over what we paid for it! So Poppy and I are high-fiving, cheering and hugging cause this is what we've been waiting for...Oh, but wait just a minute there Lil Miss! Kickass-Agent-Lynnea says that while this is excellent news, she needs to find out if there was a "field appraisal". WTF?! I emailed her back that this is some kind of torture! So here we sit and wait...

Bye bye!

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