Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm having some serious writer's block...

Have you noticed?

So, I got this i-hate-my-Phone5C some months ago.  About the only thing I like about it is the camera and all the different effects it has.  Check it out...

Here are two B/W effects of a surfboard I found at the beach...that I neglected to take home for our garden. I went back to get it and it was gone.  DOH!

Same day at the beach with a sand-dollar:

The amaryllis that bloomed around Christmas time:


This was really cool...Advencha-Poppy and I were in town on Saturday night. Went into an illy cafe.  They had this really cool light's all coffee cups:

I like this setting cause it has that bluish-green tone that reminds me of pics from the 50/60's.

Here's another with that setting...this one is at Donner Lake:

And this one is Jax's toys doing the nasty, evidently.  Stoopid-Minkey gettin it on with the Holiday-Dino...Gross, it's kind of like walking in on your parents when they're having sex, only different.

Not bad for a phone camera.

Oh, Fatass and I got one of those Fitbit things in January.  We've been entering every thing we eat, keeping track of our steps and sleep.  The best part is based on your stats, it tracks your calories in and the calories you've expended.  It should come as no surprise to us, but it did, that we eat way to much! Like, we only need to be eating half of what we are generally eating.  WHAT? Yeah, it's true.

Did I ever mention that I have Julia Child's cookbook?  It's the one she wrote, but then Meri-Canized it.  Basically it said in the book that each recipe has been doubled for Meri-Can serving size.  That's why all them Fwench people are thin!! 

Anyway, this Fitbit thing, when it's working right, it's a really cool tool.  The only hitch on the step counter is when I ride my scooter to and from work, it gives me 1,000 steps each way.  That's like cheating, kind of.

Now, if I could only find the IT!