Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday's Dinner

Since Sunday's dinner will pretty much be a repeat of Saturday only instead of the ribeyes, we'll have boneless pork chops. But for a little afternoon snack, I made a little play on a Caprese salad and sliced up tomato, put a slice of mozzarella on the tomato and on top of that went the Basil leaf. Added a little salt and pepper and called it Nom. I also took a piece of mozzarella and some baby arugula leaves and rolled that in a slice of dry salami. Very simple and very tasty! We're watching the USA vs. Canada hockey game and I think it's time for a Moscow Moose! So, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and remember: A corndog is just a hotdog in a delicious sweater!

Saturday's Dinner

So my very old friend...Well, she's not that old. She's 50 but keeps trying to convince me she's 48! Poor thing, she's in denial. We've been friends since 1980. It's a period that Poppy calls "The Lost 80's" because there are no pictures of me and I don't remember a lot of it. I could go into more detail on that, but no one wants to hear about all that. Needless to day, I had really big hair! Anyway, my friend, Jeannie and her boyfriend, Tom came down from Sacramento on Saturday. This was the first time Poppy and I met Tom and man, he's a riot. We laughed the whole time. So, they came down to the Bay Area just to get out of Dodge for a few days. They spent a few hours down at Fisherman's Wharf and then came over for dinner. This is where it gets good cause it's all about the food...Jeannie had been here last year for a while and one of the meals we cooked for her were Ribeyes with Roquefort butter. So Jeannie had been talking about those Ribeyes to Tom for a few months so that was her requested dinner. Becky and I make a rub called "Kecky's Steak Shake". It's one of the products that we made for all our friend's and family for Christmas gifts. So, I rubbed some Steak Shake on the Ribeyes and Poppy happily grilled them. I served them with mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy and a simple green salad. I used a mix of Red and Yukon Gold potatoes and left the peels on. I almost always use chicken broth as my potato boiling liquid. For the gravy, I take about a cup of assorted dried mushrooms and simmer them in a couple of cups of water for about 20 minutes. Then I strain the liquid and rinse the mushrooms. I chop up the mushrooms and reserve about 1/2 cup for the gravy. I take the mushroom liquid, add a little Marsala wine and reduce that to about 1/2 cup of liquid. To that I add 1-1/2 cups of milk and that's my gravy liquid. Make the roux and then add the liquid and the chopped mushrooms, stir until it's thick and call it gravy. It's really very NOM NOM. Almost NOM NOM Infinity. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the finished product so here's a picture of the leftovers that will be dinner tonight! Now a word or two...or three about dessert...Jeannie and Tom stopped at a market called the Nugget. I've been to the one in Sacramento. Very large and most the veggies are local grown. So they stopped at the Nugget in Davis to pick up dessert and a bottle of wine. The wine was one of our staples, Big House Red and the dessert was indescribable. One was this to-die-for-mouth-watering-brownie (about the size of a brick and about as heavy!) that had this German chocolate sort of topping. The other was a mocha/coffee flavored cake. The cake was dark chocolate and frosting was mocha/coffee that practically melted in your mouth. We could hardly even talk after the dinner carnage was over. We all happily retired to the living room...especially Tom who found the miracle of our Laz-a-Boy reclining theatre seats.

Friday's Dinner

Wouldn't you know we had all that leftover pizza. I can't say it was as good at it was when the Donner's made it the night before, but still was NOM NOM.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday's Dinner

DONNER PIZZA!!! So we have a group of gals who get together every few months. We call ourselves The Donner Party. The name came from our first expedition, which happen to be at Donner Lake. Members of the party are: Becky-Mae, Kelly-Mae, Jeanette-Mae, Renee-Mae, Allison-Mae, Amy-Mae, Amy-Mae, II, Jody-Mae and JJ-Mae. Last night we had an expedition prep pizza party. Jeanette-Mae and I made the dough, marinara sauce and a walnut pesto. We had basic fixings such as cheese, red onion, cage free eggs, olives, chorizo and sopressata. We asked the Mae's to bring a topping of their choice and something to wash it down with. All of the pizza's were NOM NOM NOM. This is just one of them that was assembled by Amy-Mae. Oh and Amy-Mae brought some out-of-this-world Apple Fritters for dessert! I should also add that Jax-The-Cheese-Conessuer (aka Hoover) had a field day!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday's Dinner

For those of you who don't know me, a little background...I work for a small federal agency. Poppy also works at the same agency as does Sister Kathy. We all work in different departments but in the same building. Anyhow, Sister Kathy has a potluck staff meeting every month or so. A co-worker of hers, Letty, makes some really NOM NOM Asian specialties. Yesterday she brought her Pork Garlic Noodle dish to their meeting. She gave some extra to Sister Kathy to give to me. We added a little sweet heat to the bowl...Poppy and I moaned the entire time we ate it. Infinity NOM NOM!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday's Dinner

Yep, more leftovers. We'll call this Polenta Square Surprise. It's the polenta squares I made the other night, marinara sauce from Tuesday and an egg on top just to give it a little kick!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday's Dinner

Nothing great. Our cupboards are bare so I had to scrounge up some frozen ravioli and store-bought marinara sauce that Poppy and I doctored up with a little red wine, capers and onions.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday's Dinner

We met a friend at a 100% organic, vegan and biodynamically farmed restaurant called Gracias Madre ( . For meativores like Poppy and myself, I was pleasantly surpised at how good the food was. I had the Platillo de Legumbres with a side of Escabeche and a side of roasted butternut squash. I also asked for a side of cashew cream. All very, very tasty. Poppy had the tacos (three corn tortillas topped with seasonal vegetables and cashew cheese, served with beans) and our friend had the Ensalada de Caesar and a bowl of the Sopa de Coliflor Asada (roasted cauliflower soup topped with cashew cream). They also sell their fresh hand-made tortillas so I got a package of those to go. Poppy being from Texas, and those Texans love their Tex-Mex, judges every Mexican restaurant by their guacamole. Gracias Madre has one of the best I've ever had. Poppy really liked it too and that's huge! This restaurant is in the heart of the Mission District so if you're looking for an unusual Mission District food experience, check it out.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday's Dinner

Well, Saturday night's dinner was beyond NOM NOM! Becky and I (Oh, and our little dog and cheese connoisseur, Jax) headed to my Sister's with my spatchcocked chicken (aka butterflied) which had been massaged with my house-made herb salt, pepper, olive oil and a little house-made mushroom oil. After my friend and dinner, Mr. Chicken's time at the spa, he then bathed all day on a bed of chopped onions, carrots, garlic, rosemary, sage, thyme and Marsala wine. My Sister and I (with a big assist by Niece, Ashley) served Mr. Chicken with mashed potatoes (my Sister's secrete recipe...unless she wants to share), mushroom gravy and peas. That Mr. Chicken was moist and tender and almost melted in your mouth!

Friday, February 19, 2010


What's for dinner?

Glad you asked! Swiss Chard Polenta Squares w/diced Pancetta and a side salad with a house-made vinaigrette. I'll let you now how it turns out but anything with any form of bacon, or pork for that matter, has got to be good!