Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Turning 52 sure was fun!

There was paragliding...

Yeah, right...no, that's not me.  Couldn't pay me to do that.  But it was fun to watch.

There was hiking...

There was my annual Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Family Style Deluxe extravaganza...

Gross. So, for some reason, my M&C just didn't do it for me this year, so now I'm on the hunt for a new tasty treat sensation for next year's celebration.  Might be ceviche...

And of course, there was lots of relaxing...


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I have gas!

No, not that kind of gas...not right this moment anyway.  The petroleum product kind of gas.

My story begins shortly after we moved to the Outerlands.  I was going to the 76 station closest to the house up until about 2 years ago I went in to get petrol and Mr. Attendant-Guy hadn't unlocked the pumps.  I asked if he was open and he got all huffy.  So...that gas station is dead to me.

Now I go to the 76 station by Old Great Highway and Lincoln.  A couple of weeks ago, I made my weekly stop at said gas station.  When I pulled the nozzle off the pump thing, gas started spewing all over the place.  Mostly on my hands.  I wrestled the hose into my gas tank hole trying not to pour the crap all over my scooter...but I did.  Once I'd finished pouring gas all over the place and trying to clean it up, I go to see Mr. Attendant-Guy to tell him his nozzle is leaking.  He looks at me with a blank stare.  So I say "No, really, it's leaking all over the place and I feel like I'm going to spontaneously combust!"  He walks out to look at the nozzle and has me point to where it's leaking.  He says "Hose" and walks away.  So...this gas station is dead to me too.

I tell Poppy about my trials and she says "Where are you going to get your gas now that all the gas stations are dead to you?" I replied "I'm going to walk."

Okay, so today I reluctantly go to the spewing gas gas station to fill up. Just to be safe, I go to a different pump.  I take out my card and start pressing all the buttons. I'm getting ready to "Remove Nozzle" but instead the machine says "SEE CASHIER".  Huh?  I guess I entered my zip code wrong or something.  I go through the process again and get the same error.  Oh kiss my butt!

I go in to SEE CASHIER.  I say "The pump says SEE CASHIER".  She goes "___________".  Yeah, she just stared at me.  WTF?  I go "What do you think I ought to do?"  She says "Not me, it's machine."  Whatever!  For shits-n-grins, I drive over to another pump (no, not the squirting one) and try again.  Same SEE CASHIER stupid message.

I'm outta there.  Thing is, I'm on E and the next gas station I can think of is another 76 up on Geary.  Yeah, I made it and I got my goddamn gas!

Now I'm wondering why are there so many 76 gas stations here?  Are they all owned by the same weirdo family that has a creepy staring problem?  Just for fun, I went on my Internets.

Check out the Supermodel video: http://www.76.com/OurGas

At first I was offended, then I realized it was kind of a joke, but I don't think it's funny.  Must be my mood.

Why is it whenever I write this blog, I always feel like I need to post pics?


She's the cutest little thing ever!

Friday, April 18, 2014

You just can't make this stuff up...

See this picture?

See the blue-ish green car with the door open. Yeah, that’s a government car. That government car is being driven by our health and safety officer. Said health and safety officer just tried to back out of that parking space and backed right into the giant office supply truck. I am dying! We’re all wondering if he is going to write himself up for it…Safety first, man!


Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Okay, so what's for dinner?

I've been in a cooking slump these past few days.

We had our friends over for a BBQ on Saturday and PK-Cooker-Poppy tried out the old/new cooker.  Didn't go as planned but that's a whole other story.  As with most BBQ's, we had leftovers. I made Texas-Poppy's favorite Texas Potato Salad...she wanted extra so consequently, we never want to eat another helping of potato salad ever again, ever!

I had some hard boiled eggs leftover from that so I decided last night I'd make some quick and dirty deviled eggs. Hey, do you say "hard cooked or hard boiled"?  Figure that's kind of like "pop" and "soda".  Anyway, today, I very carefully brought them to work.  Very carefully...

Uh oh...

Yeah, deviled egg carnage!

Time to talk about IT...again.  I'm still searching for IT.  Advencha-Poppy bought us a Groupon for kayaking.  We've been kayaking before.  It's fun, but I'm not sure it's my IT.  It's sooo labor intensive.  Gotta drive there.  Gotta put on a wetsuit and given that I am not a sin fwench woman yet, trying to get in that wetsuit is like trying to stuff too much sausage meat in a too small casing.  Oh, and the fact that a shark may mistake me for a well fed seal makes me a little nervous too. Good thing Preparedness-Poppy and I have applied for long term care insurance!  Although, my application hasn't finished the underwriting process.

About that...after I applied on my Internets for the policy, they called me for a phone interview.  That was basically to go over all the questions I'd answered on the application to test my truthiness.  Anyway, before she starts asking me all this stuff, she tells me I can't use a pen or pencil during the interview.  Huh? I ask why, but she doesn't really know.  So after she finishes up, she tells me to grab a pen and write down a confirmation number.  GOD-DUH!

Okay, back to IT.  So, here's some thoughts on IT:

I don't want to have to drive anywhere to do IT, unless I want too;
I don't want to have to wear a wetsuit, harness or anything that can be nicknamed a contraption to do IT;
I'm so okay if I have to buy new shoes to do IT; and
It would be great if IT involved the little dog.

All this points to IT as either running or walking (aka, shuffling).  Walking is so doable.  Shuffling?  Well, I'm still seeing Anita-The-Acupuncturist and she's working miracles, but it may take more than a miracle to fix my knee.  So, if all points of IT lead to walking or shuffling, where will I find time to do IT?

And here is my Oprah-ahh-ha! moment...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

IT all comes down to discipline and there you have it folks...IT is actually DISCIPLINE!


For those of you with DISCIPLINE, where to you find it and can you help me find it?  Don't bother, I know the answer.

Moving on...I took the little dog to the beach after work last night.  Look at that happy little dog, she just loves her some beach!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'll try anything once...

As long as it's not illegal and won't hurt.

Check this out...my co-worker brought in some coffee for folks to try.  She picked it up in Bali.  She said it's "bucket list" coffee.  Huh?  She went on to esplain that it's the coffee bean that some animal eats the bean pod and then poops out the bean.  Then I guess a bunch of little old ladies collect and wash the beans and sell it for 5 times as much as your runs (get it...runs!) of the mill Folgers.

Over the teeth and through the gums; look out tummy...here it comes!

Mmmm...mmmm...good to the last drop!  Barnyardy with a citrusy hint of cat pee.

I tried to get BK to taste it with me, but she didn't want nothin to do with that. I thought we did everything together, worked together, shared a cell at Club Fed together...Whatever!

Can you get E-Coli poisoning from coffee?

Next on my list: owl barf tea!

Okay, well...nature calls!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today, I'd like to talk about toilet paper...

Why do I want to talk about toilet paper?  Well, Puff-Pastry-Poppy and I were at O'Reilly's Irish Pub last night...I had the smoked haddock and leek pot pie thing.  Damn good.  Poppy had the Irish stew.  Double damn good.  We stopped in to listen to some Irish "trad" music.

Anyway, I had to tinkle so I went into the bathroom and saw this:

I got to thinking about the humble toilet paper and how these companies come up with the names and the advertising campaigns.  I never realized how competitive selling toilet paper can be.  I mean, what the heck does toilet paper have to do with heaven?  Have you ever been touched by Heaven?  I haven't.

So, I consulted my Internets to see what is going on in the toilet paper world...I found more religious toilet paper:

Angel Soft...how do we know that an angel is soft?  That's no angel, that's a baby.  If that baby is an angel, that means it's dead, yet it looks alive.  Guess that esplains the halo.  Creepy.

Next up, the animals.  I have never seen a bear use Charmin or any toilet paper for that matter.  Although, I've never really witnessed a bear shitting in the woods so I can't confirm or deny that the bear uses toilet paper, but if Mr. Bear does use the toilet paper, he uses 4x less if he's using the Charmin!

Here's Lambi.  Evidently, Lambi is a smart lamb cause he's wearing glasses.  The picture is so small that I can't read the writing on the toilet paper.  I hope it isn't offensive. What's even more shocking than Lambi wearing glasses is that Lambi can write! Must have opposable hooves.  If the toilet paper was made of wool, I could totally get on board with lamb/toilet paper analogy, but really, who wants to wipe their butt with wool?  

One of my favs...

Who wouldn't buy Hello Kitty Kiss toilet paper?!

Okay, and this last one I find particularly offensive:

It's bad enough that the Techsters are taking over our town, but now they have their own elitist toilet paper? WTF?!  Probably made with gold dust and the tears of displaced San Franciscans. I hate to admit it, but I'd secretly like to try this elitist toilet paper.  Are the sheets bigger?  Are the plys hand sewn?  Will it blow smoke up my ass?  Whatever!

Now I'm depressed.  Let's talk about happy stuff like:

My radish plate, poppies and BACON!

I don't really want to talk about them, just want to exit this with happy stuff.

Yay for me!

Friday, April 11, 2014

We bought some new backyard furniture...

Oh, okay...Exterior-Designer-Poppy bought us some new backyard furniture.  You know, if it were left up to me, I'd be sitting on milk crates and staring at a blank wall.  Kind of like Roger, only different:

Check it out...

The following are for when Sunset Magazine comes out to do a spread on us...

Just in case you're wondering...that's non-alcoholic beer I'm drinking cause I haven't had a freakin drink in 7 months.  Why did I think it was the drink that made me fat?

Anyway, some years back, Holiday-Poppy and I were having Christmas at MomJean's.  Maybe it was Thanksgiving...I don't remember.  Depression-Era-Poppy resurrected Depression-Era-Dad's old grill and she low and slowed us up a giant chicken.  This was the best chicken I ever had!  Fast forward...Brother-Bill brought Depression-Era-Dad's grill out to us.  Internets-Poppy was able to find parts for it too.

Behold the PK Cooker:

 Wait for it...

 Wait for it...


See that ass and thigh?  Pure muscle!  I know you're thinking "I wonder what her routine is to get a body like that?"

Be on the look out for the outdoor patio edition of Sunset Magazine.  I think we'll be in the August issue!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rough day for The Keckys...

Today, we said goodbye to our little Roger. She was Becky's furry companion of almost 18 years and about 11 for me (she liked me best!).  She was a very happy girl and purred right to the very end. We will miss our little lump of licorice love!

Here, she picked this one just for you!