Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yet another fun weekend!

Here's part two of our family-food-wine weekend...

There were oysters and clams:

The Fab-4:

A concrete wine barrel full of chardonnay:

A wine barrel making demo:

A stuffed peacock:

And more freakin minkeys than I've ever seen:

Yeah, a Monkey Boutique! Why would anyone do that?

We all had a great time...even though I sprained my Temporomandibular Joint!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well, that was one fun weekend!!!

There was family...

There was pig; twice...

There was shopping at Gumps...

There was sight seeing...okay, it wasn't really sight seeing, we were on our way to dinner...

Dinner was at Wayfarer Tavern. That's Tyler Florance's restaurant. I decided to carbo-load and had the wild mushroom pappardelle and macaroni and cheese. To die for! Aunt had the fried chicken, Carnivore-Poppy had some kind of meat and I don't remember what Uncle had.

Yesterday, we took in the sunset at the Cliff House and then went home for more pork!

Fasten your seat belts folks...the rest of this week/weekend is going to be one fun ride!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Soop Night...

I don't know what to say about this other than it's my best food porn yet!

I had a hankrin for some cream of tomato soup.

2 big cans of tomato puree
2 big cans of Italian style whole-peeled tomatoes
1 carton of organic beef broth
onion powder
garlic powder
Italian seasonings
white wine vinegar

Throw it all in the pot and heat it up. I served it with a cheese Frisbee and grated cheese. If only I had some sour cream!

Well, starting tomorrow the family starts rolling in. Aunt-LeAnne and Uncle-Ed arrive tomorrow for the weekend. Tuesday they'll head up the coast. Wednesday, Aunt-Kathy, Uncle-Ken and MomJean arrive. Thursday, we pile in the car and head up to the coast to rendezvous at Hog Island Oysters with AULE. Once we're all together, we'll head to Healsdburg for a few nights at a B&B with the highlight of the weekend at Trione Winery for Scot's winemakers dinner!


Monday, February 13, 2012


Remember my DIY mushroom kit?

We have project success!

They look...kind of...well...falic.

A little update on the couch...turns out Little-Red-Riding-Poppy finds her side of the couch isn't as firm as my side of the couch. Her big thing about the couch is that it had to be firm for her bad back...that she doesn't take care of (but that's between you, me and the fencepost). A quick call to Macy's and gosh darn, they're going to come in March and give us a whole new couch and take this one away. Yeah, really!

Roger-Senior-Alley-Cat lubs the new couch...

...and my neck.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

The new furniture is here! the new furniture is here!

Dad found his spot and so did Jax.

Speaking of random stuff that comes out of Dad...

Dad: I feel like I'm 67!

Me: Oh, why 67; kind of an odd number?

Dad: I don't know.

Made mini-meatloaves last night. Idea came from My-Pal-Crin. This was no ordinary meatloaf either. It had white cheddar, parm, horseradish and Dijon in it. If Dad knew there was cheese, horseradish or Dijon in that meatloaf ain't no way he'd a et it!

I'd mentioned to co-worker-Susan that I was making meatloaf. She said she'd made a to-die-for meatloaf just last week and had leftovers in the freezer. We're going to trade pieces. Mine was good, but I think it was a little bland. I think that's because I didn't use as much horseradish or Dijon as the recipe called for cause I was afraid Dad would figure it out.

I will definitely make this recipe again!

Oh, Furniture-Poppy had set up with The Salvation Army to take our old couch...the same day the new couch was coming. Recipe for disaster, if you ask me...and nobody did. Yep, that darn Salvation Army showed up and refused to take our couch. Said there were stains on it and gosh, they really didn't have room in the truck. Now, any of you that have come to our house know that couch is pretty nice. Since this is the second time The Salvation Army has done this to us, they are now dead to me!

You know, now that I'm thinking about it, back in the 89 earthquake (I had just move out of the Marina two weeks prior) my ex-BFF-Lisann (long story) and I went to The Salvation Army's headquarters at the Marina Middle School to donate blankets and such. They refused them and said they just wanted money. I kind of thought that was cheesy.

Anyway, St. Vincent de Paul is coming on Monday for that darn couch. Supposed to have it out on the curb in the am. Good thing it'll be raining.


Now that we got that new furniture and haven't figured out how we'll arrange all our junk, today I'm going to dust and vacuum every little trinket and furniture in the house.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I like to make sun tea. I like to have a squeeze of lemon in it too. It's my tasty beverage that I drink at night. Also, because I get thirsty during the middle of the night, I like to keep my glass of tea in the bathroom. I'd keep it on my nightstand, but when you have a cat, that's not a good idea.

Anyway, this morning when I went to take my pill with my iced tea...

I hate the spider more than I hate the monkey! I wonder if he was there when I took a drink in the dark of night?


Sunday, February 5, 2012

The new furniture is coming...

So that means we got to say goodbye to our theater seats...

Boo! But they went to a very good home. Elana and Jeff picked them up Friday night. Elana's grandmother used to have these chairs and she's always wanted them.

Here's where Poppy will be sitting until the new stuff comes.

Also, a guy came the other night to look at the couch. Poppy said he was a large guy. Sat on the right side of the couch; heard a big crack and the left side of the couch came off the ground. That's not good. It was already in marginal shape so Goodwill gets to have it now...

So Porcine-Poppy had this great idea of stenciling a piggy on the wall in the dining room. She's so freakin talented...

Meet Piggy-Piggy-On-The-Wall:

Again, if it were left up to me, I'd be sitting on milk crates and staring at a blank wall.

Niece-Ashley sent us a Christmas gift. It's mushrooms in a box!

You take the contents out of the box and soak the bag overnight. Then back in the box. You cut a slit up, down and across the window of the box. Spritz it twice a day and in two weeks, I'll be harvesting some oyster mushrooms. When they're done, you turn the box over and repeat! So cool!!!

Well, we're just about off to RayRay-Mae and Jean-Carlos' for a Uberbowl party. It's a theme...New York style hot dogs and I offered to make some Boston Baked Beans. But now I'm thinking maybe I should have made some New England Clam Chowda since Boston is in Massachusetts. Somehow I don't think my Terra Nova High School education paid off...Toopid!!

Hey, wait a minute...Masters-Poppy just told me that "New England" is an area and Boston is included in it. Ha! Not as toopid as I thought I wasn't.

Enjoy your Sunday!