Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As Dad once said to me "Wow, you guys are Homo-Owners!"

Last night we signed many loan documents and the $$ will be funded by Friday and we'll get keys by the weekend. We're hopeful the sellers will be out by mid-June.

Here are the celebrating faces of cash-poor Homo-Owners...

Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer is tired from all the celebrating!

What a not-so-fun experience this has been and I didn't even do half the work. Special thanks to my Poppy for crunching all the numbers and setting it all up. Without her, I'd rent for the rest of my life.

Say, that brings us to another fine segment of THE LIFE AND TIMES OF DAD! When it comes to my life, you gotta keep on your toes cause it's ever changing. Seester Kathy checked in on Dad last night after I got a call from Sister Missy about Dad's blood test. His blood is at a "critical" level so they've pulled him off the Coumadin. One of the side-effects of the Coumadin is bleeding internally which is what Dad might be doing. I doubt it since he seems to feel just dandy. They'll redo his blood tomorrow and see what his INR levels are. You will recall that I asked one of those nurses at the hospital what INR was. She asked if I was a nurse or a doctor. I said "no". She replied "You wouldn't understand then."

If there was a God, I'd thank him for inventing the internet cause it's kept me from spending the rest of my life stoopid...INR means International Normalized Ratio. Your INR should stay between 2.0 and 3.0, with 2.5 being ideal. If it's less than 2.0, your blood is too thick and you have the risk of blood clots and stroke. If it's above 3.0, your blood is too thin and you have the risk of bleeding to death.

See? I should have been a doctor!

Alright, so after Seester Kathy and Dad talk about that, Dad confesses to Kathy that he wants to go live in an assisted living community. I'll be starting my research on places in our area. Sure hope I can find one he can afford!

Home is wear your heart is. Chow!

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