Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday's Dinner

Last night was what we call my Trophy Wife Dinner. Poppy and I have this little arrangement that I do all the house cleaning and she takes me out to dinner once a month for my services. I know, it kind of sounds like I'm prostituting myself doesn't it? Sometimes, I'll trade in a dinner for a new pair of shoes glorious shoes!

Anyway, last night we went to the Tee-Off since we'd yet to try their regular menu. So me, Poppy and Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer walk in the bar and walking right past us is Curtis-My-Favorite-And-Best-Bartender-In-San-Francisco heading out the door. We ask how he's doing - he says not so good and that he needs a little air and by the way, didn't make didn't make any Bloody Mary mix! He comes back in about 10 minutes later and I ask him what's wrong. He says, I really don't want to know. This goes on and he tells us that his girlfriend of over 3 years took a powder on him for no apparent reason. Poor guy is taking this really hard, as anyone would. All Curtis-My-Favorite-And-Best-Bartender-In-San-Francisco wants to do is go to a titty bar and get drunk. Can't blame him, I guess. Felt bad for the guy...

On to the food...I had the Spinach Enchilada and Poppy had the famous Mac-n-Cheese. Both were INFINITY NOM! We have leftovers for dinner tonight so I'm very excited! Oh, and I looked around for Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer and found her mowing on pork chop bone. She's such a little beggar pig!!

Check this out, I just got off the phone with Sister Kathy who was to have a sigmoidoscopy of the joys of turning 50. So you have to drink mass quantities of this Make-U-Pooh-Pooh Liquid in a very short amount of time and then wait for the rumblie-tumblie to start...only in Sister Kathy's case, she's evidently allergic to the Make-U-Pooh-Pooh Liquid and projectile vomited it just about all night long. The visual she described almost made me cry it was so funny. Poor girl...and after all that, the exploding bowel hits her this morning. Besides not eating all day yesterday, spending the night having a firehose vomiting reaction to the Make-U-Pooh-Pooh Liquid and now this morning with an exploding bowel, she can't have the procedure! Ain't that the shits?!

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