Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday's Dinner

Since taco night only comes once every few months, we have it more than one night. So last night's dinner was a repeat of Saturday's. Besides, after a few hours of house-hunting and hanging out at the Tee-Off, who wants to cook? The Tee-Off is a local bar next to Lincoln Park Golf Course. It's one of the few dog-friendly bars in the City. They also serve food that is supposed to be fantastic, but your timing has to be right. If you get there between lunch and dinner you're SOL. Poppy and I have tried to get some food there a couple of times but just can't seem to get our timing right. They have a Mac-n-Cheese with Pancetta on the menu that we've been dieing to try. So instead, I had one of Curtis' evidently famous Bloody Mary's. This was by far the best Bloody I've ever had! Just writing this is making my mouth water. I don't know his recipe and I'm sure he wouldn't give it to me anyway. If you like the Bloody, you definitely need to check it out. Sister Kathy, this Bloody is way better than the one in Genoa or the Bucket of Bloody at Stateline in Tahoe!!

Bye bye!

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