Friday, March 26, 2010

Thursday's Dinner

Okie dokie, last night we set out to look at three houses. Yep, that's right, we still haven't found our new home. The one house that we're really interested in is on Kirkham/8th, which is just above that little Irving Street neighborhood area that we like. It's a bit over our budget priced at $750,000 but if there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, we could probably go $725,000. It's been on the market for a while and we think it's because the guy who is staying there (family member of owner) is a total pot-head pig so the house reeks of pot and very old dog, which was out in the backyard when we looked last night. Very sweet husky named Bear. Scared the crap out of our agent, Lynnea!

So after we looked at that place, we decided to stay in the hood for dinner. We stopped in at the Buckhorn Grill for a beer. Poppy was in the mood for some pub food but the odd thing about the Buckhorn "Grill" is that they didn't have any food. We asked the bartender for some restaurant recommendations and we ended up at Pasquale's Pizza. It's your basic no frills excellent Italian place. Great food and great prices. They had a ribeye on the menu for $17!! I had the Chicken Cattiatore and Poppy had the Puttanesca. I forgot to take a picture of dinner so here's the aftermath. Portions were really large so you know what we're having for dinner tonight!!

That is all!

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