Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday's Dinner

Hmmm, the evening is a little foggy but the Donner-Mae's, as always, had a blast! We had a smattering of Donner-Mae's throughout the evening starting out at Liverpool Lil's. The party started with me, Becky-Mae and Jeanette-Mae. Amy-Mae, II showed followed by Jody-Mae and shortly after that, Allison-Mae and Amy-Mae arrived. JJ-Mae had some trouble getting there because one of the riders on her MUNI bus decided he needed to go wee wee right there on the bus. Yeah, I know...only in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, Renee-Mae was unable to attend, so we made fun of her all night.

Oh, and a word or two about Amy-Mae, II...She's the newest member of the Donner Party and evidently doesn't quite understand the rules of being a member...she invited her husband, Sam-Mae or John-Dean-Mae or whatever his real name is. I'm pretty sure he's in the witness protection program. And as a typical selfish guy...Simca-Sean-John-Whateverhisnameis-Mae orders himself an appetizer knowing full well all the Donner's were starving...that kind of goes without saying, don't you think? Whatever.

So after much dinner reservation changing due to Jeanette-Mae's weakened constitution, it was time to leave Lil's and walk over to the Presidio Social Club for dinner. JJ-Mae was unable to join us for dinner so we left her there to starve with Sam-John-Darwood-Whateverhisnameis-Mae (cause you know he wasn't going to share any of that appetizer with poor emaciated JJ-Mae). We also left Jody-Mae at her car so she could go see some Lesbian twin Ren & Stimpy show. Don't ask because I don't remember that part.

Once seated at the table right off the bat we ordered two bottles of Malbec and then ordered our dinner. Jeanette-Mae and I had the fried chicken with white country gravy. I thought it was okay, but the gravy didn't even resemble country gravy. More like pan drippings with corn starch.

Not sure what everyone else had. I think Becky-Mae had the pork as did Amy-Mae, II. Amy-Mae had the meatloaf with the fried shallots and mashed potatoes. Those shallots were NOM! Can't remember what Allison had.

So, after another bottle of that Malbec, some banana cream pie, butterscotch pudding and mini chocolate cupcakes, it was time for the Donner-Mae's to all go home. A very fun and mostly NOM evening was had...even if Amy-Mae, II tried to ruin it by inviting Sandy-Darin-John-Whateverhisnameis-Mae!

The End.

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