Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday's Dinner

So Poppy and I decided to go on one of our urban adventures and set out to find a couple of nice grass-fed pieces of beef. Oh, and Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer came with. After a pit-stop at the Presidio Golf Course for some light refreshments, we decided to head towards our new favorite watering hole, The Tee-Off and from there would find some beef. As luck would have it, Curtis was working at The Tee-Off...and you know what that means?? Yep, I get one of Curtis' Bloody Marys. It is so deliciously spicy, it takes a while to freakin NOM!!

After we left The Tee-Off, we headed over to a butcher shop on 25th Avenue, called AK meat. They also make sandwiches. We bought a couple of "natural" New York Strip Steaks. According to the USDA, natural beef is raised without hormones but is not necessarily grass-feed. I don't think it was grass-fed juding by the taste, but good all the same. We had it with that NOMMY-NOM-NOM Roquefort butter and steamed broccoli and carrots.

Have a great day!

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