Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday's Dinner

Okay so, went to the Tee-Off to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Now that I think about it, that was the first time in years that I'd been out on St. Patrick's day. Such day is usually reserved for the armatures...but did we have some fun! Poppy and I...oh and Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer sat at our usual places at the end of the bar tucked back in the corner. I know, nobody puts Baby in the corner, but this is a great viewing area. We got there around 6:00 so things hadn't quite started yet. Bar snacks included Lucky Charms and green JellyBelly's. Can you name the original Lucky Charm's Marshmallows? We can. There was a nice young man at the bar. He had a fro that rivaled Bernie's on Room 222. Wow, the original Lucky Charms Marshmallows and Room I taking you back? By the way, Lucky Charms were invented in 1962. Tell your friends.

So anyway, the young buck sitting at the bar (Curtis-The-Best-Bartender-In-SF called him Tumbleweed or MoFro) as you would expect was quite the stoner dude and Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer adored MoFro-Tumbleweed. I'm thinkig it was his calm-layed back energy. It was very cute. Anyhow, MoFro-Tumbleweed went outside and came back a while later smelling of skunk...hmmmm.

Meanwhile, I ask Curtis-The-Best-Bartender-In-SF if he's got his jug of oh-so-NOM Bloody Mary mix. He tells me he just made a fresh batch that morning. So I ask him if he can make me a half of one cause I don't want a whole one. He says "F__ck no!" I tell him he's mean. He ends up making me a big one and gave it to me on the house...and it was INFINITY NOM!

So back to the fun...MoFro-Tumbleweed starts talking to this nice girl and they end up doing a shot Jameson (I'm sure it normally would have been Jagermeister but it was St. Patrick's day after all). Since the gal had been sitting with a table full of PLU's (people like us...aka Lesbians) I'm thinking MoFro's chances of scoring were pretty slim, plus he's drunk, stoned and having trouble walking upright. I know this because I watch him walk to the bathroom and not quite make it inside the door, then lean over and well, I'll leave the rest to your imagination but it involved a mop and bucket a few minutes later. Did I mention they had Lucky Charms and green JellyBelly's as bar snacks. Did I also mention the fun was just getting started?

A word about Lesbians...we found out on Saturday while we were there at the Tee-Off that our dog definitely is one. She spent a good bit of time dry-humping the owner's dog, Olive and some other girl dog. The bar was in hysterics...All Curtis-The-Best-Bartender-In-SF could say was "Only in San Francisco."

Back to my story and here's where it gets really good! Poppy and I sat on our perches watching the St. Patrick's festivities go by when all of a sudden a what appeared to be a leprechaun in street clothes came in the bar. It's hard to see him in the picture because the leprechaun is a very elusive creature. Notice he's got a bright aura around him. I wonder if there is a pot-o-gold somewhere close by? I'm sure MoFro-Tumbleweed can see it in his current state of hallucinating, but we can't.

I say to Poppy...Like a black cat on Halloween, why in the world would a Little Person go out in public on St. Patrick's a bar, no less, with a bunch of drunk people? You know at some point, some jerk (kind of like me) is gonna say something to Tiny O'Smallguy. But as it turned out Shorty O'Iweargranimals is a total regular. So I, or someone would have got their asses kicked if we'd made fun of Mini O'Littledude.

Guess I should say something about the dinner...On the menu was traditional corned beef and cabbage, shepherd's pie and beef stew. Poppy got the corned beef and I got the shepherd's pie...Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer was making it her life's work to lick the pant leg and shoes of MoFro-Tumbleweed. Wonder why?? ;) The corned beef was medium O'NOM and the shepherd's pie was small O'NOM.

So there you go...a most NOM and enjoyable evening!

Sister Kathy, Nephew Lucas and I will heading up to Dad and Shirley's later today. I'll check in after I get back. So long for now!

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