Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday's Dinner

That's going to be a repeat of last night's let's talk about lunch. I took the day off today. I just finished cleaning house. I was supposed to have a playdate this afternoon with my friend, Stacey and her Yorkie, Stilton. Yeah, Stilton is named after the cheese...another cheese-connesewer of a dog! Playdate was rained out. Anyhow, Stacey is having lunch with her brother so I asked if Stilton could come over for an indoor playdate. Here they are. Sorry about the alien eyeball shot. The high-tech camera I use for all these pics is my cell phone. I sent one of these weird dog shots to my friend, Jeannie. She calls them "Puppies of the Corn".

Back to lunch. Time to forage...I had some noodles leftover from the soup I made the other night. Also had some chopped green onions and some baby spinach. I heated up the pasta, then put it in a big bowl. Tore up the spinach, added the onions, some Kecky's herb salt, some danish blue cheese, some pepper and some garbanzo beans. Tossed it all in some really nice olive oil. WAY NOM!!

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