Sunday, January 9, 2011

There's a fungus amungus...

My Archie-Hikers have yet to adorn my feets. Tighter-Than-Fatass'-Pants-Poppy has yet to cave and let me buy my Archies. Even this, that I hid inside Mean-Poppy's computer, barely got a rise out of her:

I continue to be depressed. Sigh...

So check this out, I saw it on our walk to work on Friday.

I'm thinking of sauteing it up and feeding it to Poopy-Poppy for not letting me get my Archie-Hikers. Hmmm, I wonder how much I'll get from the life insurance? I bet it's more than $218!

Shoppy-Poppy was sitting in her "spending chair" this morning looking at the CB2 catalog. She found a rug she really liked for only $229! Gee, wonder what I could buy for $229?? Oh yeah!

Yesterday, I baked another loaf of bread. Since Fatass and LuvBacon aren't eating the white food, I wanted to make this for Seester-Kathy, et al. Not sure what happened, but it should have been a little puffier.

Smelled good. Had a great sourdough taste. It behaved the way it was supposed to all the way until I took it out of the oven. I consulted Bread-Guru-Tia (sorry Sensei-John, you don't have a BlackBerry) Since this has happened to her, she thinks that I didn't stretch the dough enough. We'll see what happens on the next loaf.

Note to Sydney: I know I'm supposed to hook the sista up with some starch, but I can't until I can produce a better product. Soon though!

Last night we went over to Seester-Kathy's to exchange Christmas presents. They got us a very, very cool telescope. I'm not even a little bit interested in looking at stars and planets, but I can't wait to look in my neighbor's windows! Oh for Cod's sakes, I'm kidding...kind of.

From there we headed to Nick's Rockaway in Pacifica for dinner and dancing. Nick's has been around for a thousand years. Old school seafood restaurant and a great bar. This is a very local hangout so there's a 99% chance that Kathy, Darryll or I will see someone we know there; we did.

Anyway, I had chicken livers sauteed in bacon and onions. Poppy has a scallop dish. Dad had a big fat piece of prime rib. Seester-Kathy had the fillet Mignon and Bro-n-Law-Darryll had the stuffed pork chop. Poppy, Dad and I took our leftovers home. I was carrying all of them. Went to have my chicken livers today and found that I had a big chunk of prime rib. Guess Dad has the chicken livers that he made icky face at last night. Ha ha!

Here is the last known cigarette machine in San Mateo County:

Chow, bellas!

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