Monday, January 17, 2011

The Incredible Edible Egg...

Carnivore-Poppy and I are sick of the meat. Never thought I'd see the day; yes, even bacon! Over the last bunch of days we've had copious amounts of meat...steak, chicken, pork, salami, bacon and ham. Not just any ham either, country ham!

So today is "egg" day. You may ask yourself how those eggs are getting scrambled and hard boiled given I don't have a stove? Yep, the microwave. I've scrambled eggs in the micro before, but never hard boiled an egg. But like most things, you can find out how on that thar Innernet. The only kicker is to try not to explode one of the eggs. I was successful!

How about a few more works from Kecky's Kurb Art?

I call this one "Anne's Forgotten Ornament."

I took Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer for a walk to the beach. I found Anne's Ornament peeking out of the bottom of the tree. So I put it to the top of the tree so Anne can have her ornament back.


Saturday was what I like to call the party of the year...Amy and Charlie's Annual Bourbon Tasting Party. It's very hard to get an invitation to this party. Once you're in though, it's hard to get kicked off the list, but it has happened to two folks that I know of.

Walkie-Poppy and I live in the Sunset. Amy-n-Charlie live up by Mt. Davidson. We decided to walk to their house and then take public transport back to the house afterwards. Amy-n-Charlie are very conveniently located to the L Taraval. Anyhow, we found Ollie on our walk. Oh, took us an hour-n-a-half to get there.

Tree in El Fogo:

This was taken on our way to the Muni Station after the party of the year. And yes, we drank bourbon and it was good...also has no carbs! It's hard to make the pic out, but it's so cool. Photoshop-Poppy is going to see if she can get a better resolution on it. I'd like it framed.

Let's check in and see how the First Annual 2011 Imelda Dallmann Archie-Hiker Shoe Challenge is going...

Day 3:

These boots are one of my favorite children. I know, I'm not supposed to play favorites, but like you're own children, there's one that just stands out. I know you'll deny it, but both you and I know it's true!

Cowgirl-Poppy, Friend-Tank-Girl and I went to the Grand National Rodeo at the Cow Palace some years ago. They had lots of vendors selling belts, boots, dead animal skins, etc. I happened upon these beauties. They're made by Ariat and are made from oink oink skin. They were on sale from $40 something down to $20. How could I possibly resist? Do you find it odd that I can remember everything about my shoes? I don't.

Day 4:

Not much to tell about these hikers. I saw them on sale at I liked the green color so they were welcomed to the fold.

Day 5:

These are one my children that I thought about giving up for adoption, but couldn't. Some years back, I did spend a lot of time on BFF-Crin and her Hoosband-John's boat. Fun times too! These are the real deal boating shoes...even bought them at West Marine but that was long after my boating days. But Laid-Back-Poppy loves the boat shoe for the summer so I had to have them cause I want to be just like Fashion-Trend-Setting-Poppy. They will be perfect for when we go island hopping...I'm just not sure when that will be.

I'm trying to wear my less stylish shoes on the weekend, which is why I am sporting my boating shoes in my weekend work outfit. Although, technically it's not the weekend, except Holiday-Poppy and I have today off thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is also a national day of volunteering, but really, what's in for me? Speaking of, I actually know someone who "volunteered" on MLK day and then put it on the timesheet and got paid. This is one of the same folks that has been black-listed from Amy-n-Charlie's Bourbon Party. Oh Snap!! (See, I know hip lingo.)

What else...Oh, took Dad on Friday for an appointment with the Audiologist. It was all going well until he started flirting with the 12 year-old doctor. One of the few times in my life I was left speechless. But the good news is, he's a prime candidate for hearing aides. He's been wearing one of those As-Seen-On-Tv amplifier things that looks like fake bluetooth. This will be much better for him. Unfortunately, it requires a series of many appointments to get the things fine tuned. It's almost like he's just like the Bionic Woman, Jammie Summers. But if that means we don't have to yell or have him get all irritated cause he can't hear us, it's worth it.

Sometimes Poppy and I will have conversations about people we think are attractive. Things like "I wouldn't kick her out of bed" or "Do you want to be her or be with her?" are said. In Dad's case, I think he'd like to be with Jammie Summers!

Well, Poppy has spent a lot of time in her spending-chair this weekend. That means, by next week all that she has ordered will show up at my Seester-n-Bro-In-Law's house. We can't have stuff delivered to our work cause it's a violation of the Standard of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. So mi familia has graciously offered to be our dumping ground of all we purchase.

Okay, I'm out. (More hip lingo.)

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