Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's talk about loneliness...

These are all my babies:

They are used to a new sister or brother pair coming to live with them about once a month. Much more than a month has gone by now and they're very lonely for some fresh blood. We continue to wait...

Note from MomJean "I guess you haven't got your hiking boots yet? Tell Becky to stop channeling her father!"

Mind you, I never got to meet Poppy's father since he went to spacial heaven long before Tight-Wad-Use-A-Paper-Towel-Three-Times-Before-You-Recycle-It-Poppy and I got together. But I think it's safe to say, I didn't know Dad-Bill, but I feel like I do, just a bit.

Thanks to MomJean for throwing Daughter-Poppy under the bus...she's getting weaker, I can tell.

Alright, onto less interesting things; guess who's coming to visit me today?

Yep, BFF-Oven-Guy-Mike!

Home warranty has instructed BFF to refurbish the safety valve. Since I'm not exactly sure how long this will take, I called the home warranty company and the valve is being sent to A-1 Stove Hospital in Inglewood, which is in Southern California.

Now, why do I know that Inglewood is in Southern California? Well, oddly enough, back when I was about 18, Friend-Jeannie and I would go stay down there with Friend-Jeannie's cousin, Ollie. I don't exactly remember why we did this, but I will tell you that Cousin-Ollie had a really weird obsession with owls. Everything in her house was all about the owl...even her toilet seat. The even weirder part is that in talking to Friend-Jeannie about this the other day, she commented about how I can't remember basically anything from my past, but for some reason, I remember this. Wonder why?

Anyhoo-hoo (haha, I crack me up!), I reminded the home warranty company that BFF said it could take two weeks or two months to refurbish the part. She said that the actual work would only take a couple of business days. The longest part of the process would be how BFF's company gets the part to A-1 Stove Hospital.

Oh, and Poppy checked out A-1 Stove Hospital and read nothing but bad things about them. I read it too. The owner is named Victor, but I'm pretty sure you can pronounce that "Wicktor" if you get my Russian drift. Again, this will be interesting.

Have a swell day!

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