Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I'm afraid my life, at the moment, is boring. Fatass and LuvBacon are busy trying to lose their "Autumn 15". It used to be called "Freshman 15" but they are entering the Autumn of their lives so, there you go. Forever-Young-Poppy hates it when I use the term "Autumn of their lives." I think it reminds her of one of those Geritol commercials. Whatever happened to Geritol? "My wife, I think I'll keep her." What a jerk!

Okay, let's talk about something very serious...It is no secret that I have a shoe obsession. Here are my current objects of desire:

They are Frye Archie Hikers. The color is Spice. It's between that and the Cognac:

I want them and I want them bad! Bad, like a freebasing-crack-cocaine-black-tar-heroin-smoking-addict needs a fix. They cost $218 at or $217 at Depression-Era-Poppy just can't find her way to approve such a purchase. She told me to put them on my wish list. Mean, mean Pooh-Pooh-Head-Poppy! I've tried every trick in the book too..."There is only one pair left in stock!" She thinks I'm lying. "It's the last pair of shoes I'll ever buy!" She really thinks I'm lying (and she's right). "I'll give up 10 pairs of my other babies for adoption." She laughed at that one. I wonder how much one of my kidney's would be worth? If Fatass wasn't so fat and old, she could try selling her body on the street corner. Stop laughing, she could be serious.

Can you have maternal pangs over a pair of shoes? I think you can. I need to talk to my friend-and-sister-shoe-hoarder-Jeanette. Maybe she'll talk me down. Probably not, she'll probably figure out a way for me to get them. Heh, heh, heh.

Wish me luck!

Shoes Glorious Shoes!


  1. hahah you never cease to crack me up.

  2. all i want in my life is a pair of frye riding boots!
    i think they cost more than i make.