Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project Saturday...

After having a few relaxing days off, time to get back to working on Kasa Kecky. Project-Poppy, bless her heart, is making our home lives very efficient.

This weekend's projects consisted of making our cabinets more spacial. First everything had to come out of the cabinets. That was a lot like moving all over again.

Then Project-Poppy started on the cabinet inserts:

The finished product:

You may be asking yourself what I was doing the entire time Project-Poppy was working on the cabinets. Well, I took a part this stupid fan that I hate and cleaned it. Note to self: Vinegar is an acid and will eat the finish off of some stuff.

Then I made some bread. I'm trying my luck with a whole-wheat bread. Trying to give up the white food and cutting back on the boozy for the new year.

So after a long day of projects, who feels like cooking? Not me. Pizza!!

Not sure what is on the agenda today, but I need to get out of Kasa Kecky for a while. I feel like playing pool!

Have a great Sunday!

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