Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Incredible Unedible Egg...

Project failure on my nuked hard boiled eggs. Poppy tried to crack one open. They are apparently soft boiled. Oh well.

Party-Poppy and I went out yesterday to a restaurant supply place. Like a kid in a candy store. Look, Poppy and a giant ladle!

After that, we hit an Irish Pub for some Black-n-White Pudding. NOM!!! After that we ended up at the Lexington for a few no-carb libations...which turned into a few too many for Droopy-Drunk-Kelly. Okay, not droopy drunk, but I think I sang a lot on the way home. Poppy kept telling me to drink water so I wouldn't do something nasty later. We'd brought Jax-I-Have-Issues-With-Pool-Balls-Clacking-Together with us to the bar. I'm thinking of getting her some professional help.

Happy dog:

So not happy dog:

Okay, Day 6 of the First Annual 2011 Imelda Dallmann Archie-Hiker Shoe Challenge!

I'm sure I will say this more than once, but this is another very favorite pair. I picked these up at a tack shop in Seville, Spain. Who needs to ride a horse to have horse riding shoes? Not me! These are also handmade. I like to smell them...a lot.

Happy Tuesday!

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