Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shoes, Glorious Shoes...

Let's talk about shoes today. Really, what else is there? Backpacks, that's what. I'll get to that little obsession some other time.

So check out the original Archie-Hikers:

These are Depression-Era-Poppy's Depression-Era-Hiking-Boots. I love them and have been looking at them for years. I decided to clean them up. She wore them to work today.

Here's the weird thing, I went down to Graphic-Poppy's office today to get some cheese product and what did I see???

I tell you, not only is it mean and cruel torture, it's a sign from Cod!

Where did I leave of on the First Annual 2011 Imelda Dallmann Archie-Hiker Challenge?

Day 7:

I bought these shoes for Adventurer-Poppy and my trip to Spain a few years back. The perfect summer walking shoe...they just wick that moisture away!

Day 8:

These are a real-almost-live pair of Blundstones (aka Blunnies). The original Australian work boot. I also have a pair of brown ones that will be coming out to visit soon. I had the brown ones first and just had to have the black ones.

So I guess I'm 8 steps closer to my Archie's!!

How about a viewing of some Kecky's Kurb Art? The subject matter is kind of disgusting, but it's art so it's okay. Notice how "art" rhymes with "fart"?

Depression-Era-Adventurer-Poppy wanted her foot in there to show scale. We're both pretty sure this is some kind of pooh-pooh. I think it's bear or Bigfoot; Euell-Gibbons-Poppy thinks it's dog or horse. What does she know?

It was a very pretty walk too!

Say, let's have another episode Keeping Up With The Kecky's...It's been 8 days now we've been without our Wedgie. I called the home warranty company yesterday and the gal was kind of snotty. She told me to call my BFF-Oven-Guy to get status. She said it's just a few day turn-around, but again, that depends on when BFF got the part to A1 Stove Hospital. So I sent BFF and email. Here's the conversation:

Hi Mike!

I called Fidelity to get status on the valve. They told me it all depended how fast you had it sent to A1 Stove Hospital. Do you know if A1 Stove Hospital received the valve yet? Thanks!


BFF’s response:

Delivery confirmation # 03100480000136488891

Thank you

He's not much of a talker really, I guess that's why he's such a good BFF.

I'm becoming quite the microwave cooker. Last night I nuked mustard greens.

Here's what I did...

I thinly sliced half an onion and a clove of garlic and lined the glass dish with it. I put the greens on top and then about 1 cup of chicken stock. Cooked for 3 minutes on high. Took them out and stirred them. Cooked again for 3 minutes. Took them out and added about a tablespoon of Dijon and stirred that around. Cooked for another 3 minutes. Took them out, stirred a little red wine vinegar, some Kecky's Southwest Seasoning and a little salt. Cooked again for 3 minutes. Took them out, stirred them again and then cracked some pepper on the top. In again for 3 minutes and then sat for about 5. NOM!!!


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