Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Well, what a spanker of a weekend weather-wise! Not only that, but the swells have been huge at the beach!

Well, let's start with Friday. Figured we'd take Dad to Joe's of Westlake since it's a very old school kind of place and maybe he could find himself that chickie he's been waiting for. Strike 10 in the quest to find Dad a lady-friend!

This is the original Joe's and what I call a "No" bar/restaurant. You can't do this and you can't do that. No substitutions, no traveler's checks, etc. Also, no fun! We went to the very crowded bar. Sat down at a table and ordered a round of drinks from the cocktail waitress who looked like and had the personality of Bette Davis from the movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (But-cha are Blanche, ya are in that chair!). Only difference between the two was that our cocktail waitress had a peg-leg, I think. Oy! Just so you know, "Oy" is the sound a pirate makes...according to Netty-Mae when playing charades!

Anyway, Baby-Jane-Hop-Along comes gimping back to the table with our drinks. Fiscally-Minded-Poppy whips out the credit card (gotta get those miles) and Baby-Jane-Hop-Along says "I'm sorry (but she really wasn't) can you pay cash?" Dejected-Poppy says yes. I ask if they take credit cards given it's a pretty $$ restaurant. She says yes, but we were supposed to tell her before we order cause she pays cash for the drinks. Now that's a step back in time.

Now it was time for another round. Baby-Jane-Hop-Along was taking forever, so I figured it's time to grab the bull by the horns and go to the bar and order. I knew that was a mistake, but the alcoholic in me wanted that drink and now, damn it! Baby-Jane-Hop-Along caught me. In a very unpleasant, crackling voice I hear "Do you need something?" I wanted to run away, but I sucked it up and gave her our order. Designated-Driver-Poppy ordered a Diet Coke.

Baby-Jane-Hop-Along brought the drinks. DD-Poppy tastes the Diet Coke and it tastes like regular Coke. Given we're on our low-carb diet, this is pretty much carbohydrate suicide if Carb-Depleted-Poppy drinks it. I take it back to the bar and Baby-Jane-Hop-Along happens to be standing there. I tap the large hump on her shoulder and tell her. The disgruntled-bartender-lady hears me and gets all kinds of pissed and says in her gravelly-I've-had-too-much-scotch-and-cigarettes-in-the-past-50-years-and-I'm-ready-for-the-iron-lung-voice "IT'S DIET COKE!" I say "Well that's the best Diet Coke I've ever had!" and then I ran away. Not like she could catch me; neither could Baby-Jane-Hop-Along, for that matter!

We were #82 to be seated for dinner and when we got there, they were calling numbers in the sixties. Oh yeah, NO RESERVATIONS, damn it!

Dinner was terrible, but really, what were we expecting. Not sure we'll head back there or not.

Saturday was another project day. Since the Donner-Mae's will be heading up to Donner at the end of the week, I wanted to clean up the truck since it's full of dog hair. So I completely detailed the truck, including waxing it. I think it's only about the third time we've washed the truck.

Here's Dad in one of his usual positions:

Flame-On-Poppy had decided to spit roast a leg-o-lamb. Dad just loves a fire pit.

Ever see that movie with William Hurt, Altered States? Doesn't this look like him when he starts morphing only covered in herbs?

So this isn't exactly Kecky's Kurb Art, but check it out...

Poppy asked me what I saw in the wood. I said it looked just like Father Death. She laughed at me and said "Don't you mean the Grim Reaper?" She said I had Father Time and the Grim Reaper mixed up. Whatever!

So, still don't have my Wedgie, so I cooked some cauliflower on the grill and then mashed it. Tasted just like mashed potatoes...not really, but was still really good! Check out that hunk-o-meat!

I forgot to participate in the First Annual 2011 Imelda Dallmann Archie-Hiker Challenge this weekend. I did send a picture of one of my babies to Poppy. Maybe she won't recall that I didn't actually wear them.

I will leave you with Yin-n-Yang:

Have a nice week!

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