Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome to another exicting episode of Keeping Up With The Kecky's!

When I got up yesterday morning, I noticed the refrigerator door was a little ajar. It wasn't enough to make the little alarm go off cause I would have heard that. I open the fridge and everything is warm and the digital sensor says "Er" when it should say 37. There's that sinking feeling again that something $$ isn't $$ going $$ well $$.

I call my good friends at Fidelity Home Warranty to have them send someone out only $$ the $$ option $$ wasn't $$ checked $$ that $$ covered $$ the $$ fridge. You may recall that the home warranty was a gift from our real estate agent. So the gal asks me if I want a referral and I do, so she gives me the name KH Appliances. Guess who that is? Yep, my good Russian friend, Mike who has been working on our oven.

Now, the only reason I bother to tell you that Mike is Russian is that his accent is very, very heavy. So I call Mike to see if he can come out. He can come out, but only before noon. Both Poppy and I are at work by this time. I can't go home cause I haven't seen Boss-Karen in over a week and yesterday was the day she was going to make it in. That's an even longer story, suffice to say, Boss-Karen's Sister, Diane had a stroke so if any of you folks out there have a God, put in a good word for her! Payroll-Poppy can't go home cause it's payroll day at work and we have to put in our time...although, we really have until Tuesday to do that.

Turns out, Payroll-Poppy can get her payroll done and be home by 11:30. Score! So I call Mike back but he still can't make it. He asks what kind of fridge we have. I tell him it's an LG. Side note, LG stands for Life is Good. After doing a little research, I'll say no to that. LG stands for Loser Grande!!

So, Mike tells me that to save a little money, unplug the fridge and open all the doors and defrost it. These fridges are known peeter out if any of the vents become blocked. There is frost in the freezer, so that's what we'll do.

Friend-Laurie offered to take home our freezer stuff since that was still frozen. I took her up on that offer cause we have a million dollar chicken, some brisket, LuvBacon's smoked bacon and some ribs in that freezer!

Pioneer-Poppy stopped by the Mercantile on her way home and got a couple of blocks of ice so we could keep our refridgeratables cold.

So this morning, we decided to plug in Loser Grande and low and behold, it seems to be working. This is a good thing since we priced some fridgies yesterday and even on sale, we're still looking at upwards of $1,100.

Cross your fingers!

Okay, so last night we went out to dinner since we didn't have any food. Pho-Poppy wanted soup so I found a Vietnamese place close to the house. Reviews weren't bad. Note, the name of place is Tay Giang on Noriega. Don't go there...ever! The food took forever to arrive. Mine came 10 minutes before Pho-Poppy's. Mine was supposed to be hot, I think, but it was ice cold. Just horrible!! Poppy wanted me to send it back, but I was so hungry and no telling how long I'd have to wait to get it back, so I ate it. Sucked!!!

Okay, off to the store for our NYE provisions...

Thoughts to Diane!!

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