Friday, December 17, 2010

Adventures with the Kecky's...

So last night was our rescheduled dinna at Iluna Basque. We took the bus to Union Square so Poppy-Shoppy could check out a sweater at Orvis. No luck there.

Then we moved on by foot over toward North Beach. Decided to do a little bar hopping along the way.

First off, why, why, why?

We ended up at the Tunnel Top at Bush/Stockton. Here we could watch the world go by...

From there we walked over the hill and took a side trip into the Ritz Carlton. Swanky. Depression-Era Poppy wanted to have a drink there but I cautioned her on the prices...when we walked into the bar area, it was clear that Pioneer-Poppy and I didn't exactly fit in with that crowd. So, back outside we go. We ended up at an Irish place, O'Reilly's? No. Murphy's? Hmmm, O'Malley's? Well, you know what I mean. We sat on the trick bench where Almost-Senior-Citizen-Poppy almost broke a hip. Moved from there and then sat next to the far place. That Pioneer-Poppy can suss out far, not matter where it is!

Okay, on to our destination...Iluna Basque. I had been trying to decide throughout the day what I was going to have. Should I stick with traditional Basque tapas or have a traditional Basque entree? I figured I'd go with the Tapas. We arrive at the restaurant only to find it was closed!!!!! Nice, we had a freakin reservation and a coupon for $25 off, Goddamnit! That little Twerp-Top-Chef-dude is gonna hear about this!

All was not lost because Rogue Brewery was across the street and the Kecky's just loves Rogue's Kobbe burgers and that's what we had...and some of their beer. They make a chipotle ale that is so very tasty. Fancy this, they also make gin.

After we were done with the dinna, we decided to get in a little spat. I know, hard to believe the Kecky's ever argue. But we do. I have a way of pressing just the right buttons to anger Passive-Poppy. This little tiff had lots of drama too...I ended up leaving the bar figuring I'd just find my own way home. Of course, my house keys were in my bag back at work. I walked from North Beach most of the way back to the office but decided this could take all night. Our little dog needs to make a stinkle so I'd best get home quick. So, I caught a cab. Got home, readied myself for bed and then I heard Silver-Tongued-Poppy come in the door. I said sorry, she said sorry. Kiss, kiss, hug, hug. All better...I think.

Happy Friday!

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