Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Day Of Shopping...aka, Ho, Ho F__king Ho!

Even though Poppy-The-Adventurer is lame, she was still able to go shopping...much to my disappointment. Depression-Era-Poppy can shop like nobody I've ever known. Like a kid in the candy store!

We arrived at the mall around 12:00pm. We finished and were headed to the truck at 5:00pm and that was only because we were having dinner at Seester's. Had we not had a dinner plan, I'm afraid we would have been there until the place closed down for the night. I will say in Shop-Till-Kelly-Drops-Poppy's defense, I hate shopping. This is why I do all my shopping on the internet. But then again, Shoppy-Poppy can aimlessly walk around a store for hours. She'd kill me for telling you this, but she's the only person I know who tries on underwear! We are not simpatico this way. At one point Shoppy looked at me and said "You're miserable." The only treat during the say was lunch.

Poppy with her shopping glow:

See Kelly trying to get blotto to make it through the rest of the day:

Enough of that torture, let's move on to an episode of KEEPING UP WITH THE KECKY'S! While I was at that work function last week (yeah, that was the function where Poppy-The-Adventurer slid down the hill), Friend Laurie and I were talking to John-The-Bread-Maker. He was telling us all about his bread making. In fact, that next day, he brought us each a piece of one of his loaves. INFINITY-NOM X 10. John told us that the basic recipe for his bread is over 100 pages long; but insists it's easy to do. He directed me to the book. I bought it on Amazon so it should be here by Tuesday. Note, I bought that book on Amazon from the comfort of my Laz-A-Boy and not at some stupid mall!!

Now, you know I love a challenge and you know I'm no baker so I'm over the top excited about this. John-My-Bread-Making-Sensei then told me he would give me some of his starter that he's had for 20 years. He also told me not to be afraid of bread making.

While John-The-Leavan-Lover is going to give me some of his starter, I'm very interested to see how this process works from scratch. So, I've acquired the first few pages of the book on how to do the starter.

Meet the newest member of the Kecky family, Fartacus-Maximus:

This is Fartacus-Maximus' new home. He will stay here for 2-3 days and then I'll check to make sure he's farting up a storm and then we'll go to step two.

It's like having a new baby, only different. Hope I don't kill Fartacus-Maximus.

Have a great week!

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