Thursday, December 16, 2010

Did I really do this?

I sure did! I shocked myself. Took it out of the oven, uncovered it and saw this:

Picture me jumping up and down doing the Rocky dance. Now comes the slicing...

A slicing no? Perhaps.

Happy, happy, joy, joy:

Thanks for hanging with me through my bread baking. I'm no where near edumacated in this art form but I have found a new passion. I'm so very excited.

Sensei-John approved with some very helpful hints. Next, I will take it to THE ORACLE, Tia and see what she thinks.

Poppy and I were walking to the bus stop this morning in the freezing cold. She commented that this was nothing and that back in the day all she had to keep her warm was a far in the hearth.

In the morning, Pioneer-Poppy would wake up, throw off the bear skin blanket (she shot that bear with her double-ought buck shotgun), slide into her moccasins (lined with wool from the sheep she sheared), shuffle on over to the hearth and get that far going to warm up the cabin. Yep, that's the cabin she built from logs that she made from fallen trees...even mixed her own mortar with nothin but water and used paper towels. Last thing she said before we got on the bus "I sure does miss them days."

Talk to you tomorrow!


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  1. that bread looks DELISH! poppa ford is on a major weight loss crackdown but seeing as he is the primary chef in our house, we are now unintentionally dieting with him. part of his diet is that he does not eat any kind of starch for the most part, so we have been starch deprived over here. He tried to make up for it a few nights ago by making me "pasta" made of whole grains (including quinoa and some other non-white flour ingredients) but it sort of just tasted like a tree. seriously. so anyway. hook a sista up with some starch!