Saturday, December 4, 2010

Poppy takes a header...

Remember I wrote a few days ago about what a great weekend we were going to have...dinner at Iluna and walking around North Beach Friday night, shopping on Saturday and roller skating on Sunday? Well, Thursday night Popppy-The-Adventurer and I had a work function. When we returned to the truck afterwards, instead of taking the asphalt path, Poppy-The-Adventurer wanted to take a "shortcut" down the the pitch black. Mmmm hmmm, Poppy went boom-boom and landed somehow on her bad knee and has been limping ever since. We cancelled our dinner reservation and will be laying low this weekend.

Say, let's check in with A DAY IN THE LIFE OF DAD! I was at work yesterday and went to visit Seester in her cube. Dad called while I was there and said he'd been up all night with a toothache. This is the same tooth that the crown came off while he was staying with us last month. So, Seester had to go in search of a dentist. She found one and he can see Dad at 12:15. Seester had just taken Wednesday off to take Dad to his doctor's appointment so she asked if I could take him to the dentist. Off I went to pick him up.

Now, before all of our turning of life's events last year, Dad had been in the process of having a bunch of his teeth removed to ready him for dentures, I guess. On the ride to the dentist, Dad said he wanted the tooth extracted. This will leave him pretty well toothless on one side of his mouth.

Okay, we arrive at the dental office. It's very nice and clean. The receptionists is also very nice...and clean. I fill out all the paperwork and I tell her that Dad is hard of hearing and vision impaired so folks will have to speak up so he can hear. She tells me I can come back with him. Of course I'll do this, but part of me just wants to pass out cause I hate all things dentist.

The assistant came out to fetch us and we go back to the xray area. Lucky for me, this is an open floor plan dental office so you can see each and every patient getting worked on. Just writing this, I'd like to pass out!

Enough about me...The dental assistant took some xrays and then mentioned that since Dad is on the Cumadin (blood thinner) they might not be able to do anything because they'll usually have the patient go off the Cumadin for the procedure. We then met with Mr. Dentist. I wish I could pronounce his name, but I can't. Not like you can hear me anyway. Mr. Dentist took a look and told Dad that he'd love to take the tooth for him, but because of the Cumadin Dad will have to see the oral surgeon. The tooth is also infected, by the way.

So Mr. Dentist sent us away with a referral to the oral surgeon and prescriptions for Vicodine and Amoxicillin. Yay!

Last night, we still wanted to go have some fun, so we went to dinner at La Playa in Pacifica. We'd been hearing some good things about it. We had a great time! Very local hangout and the food was darn NOM!

I had the Steak Rancheros:

Poppy had the Chicken Espawhatever:

That's it. See ya!

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