Monday, December 13, 2010

Drunk Dialing...

Well the Donner Party was a success. What a great group of gals...except for Amy-Mae, II! Everyone brought a go-with to the party that would go with either the smoked salmon and trout or sausages. We feasted. Dad had a great time too. He and the Donner-Mae's were sitting round the far...I could hear him saying that he loved to dance and he'd say something and all the girls would laugh. They loved him and he loved the attention. We may have created a monsta!

Kathy came shortly after to pick him up. He left with a smile on his face.

Here is what's left of the party. Sorry I forgot to take pics throughout the night.

Oh, by the way, Allison-Mae and Renee-Mae loved my bread and I don't think they were just saying that either. Okay, so when I'm mad, I can't hold it in for long, so I told Smokin-Hot-Poppy I threw her under the bus on the blog for her bread comment. Remember that hurt puppy look I had yesterday? Yeah, she had it after I told her that. She said the only reason she said "It's Bread" was because the stuff I made last week was so good. Kiss, kiss, hug, hug...all better.

At one point into the party, Amy-Mae, II thought it would be a grand idea if we drunk-dialed Jeanette-Mae who was at home packing for her move. Looking back on that, probably not a good idea. Seemed fun at the time, though.

This morning I took Jax-The-Smoked-Salmon-Connesewer for a walk around the block. Ran into neighbor, Adam. Very nice guy. He's a motorcycle mechanic at Golden Gate Cycles. Every time he walks by our house and I'm out he tells me that Becky's Old-Girl BMW needs to be in the garage. I always say "I know."

Here she is under cover BMW/7:

So this morning he tells me Becky's Old-Girl-BMW needs to be in the garage and that if she wants to sell, he would consider buying it. This is very exciting for me because Poppy talked to her old mechanic and he figures it would cost about $2,000 to get Old-Girl-BMW running again. Depression-Era-Poppy doesn't want to put that kind of cash into the Old-Girl, yet she can't seem to part with her. Why you ask? That's right, because she's Depression-Era-Poppy, that's why!

Anyhoo, Adam said his job is not so good so he's opening his own shop in a couple of months. Then I got a bit of his life's story. He's lived here since 1992 after moving here from Vietnam. He doesn't want to move anywhere else cause he loves it here. No kidding, this guy flies the Merican flag outside his house and you know he's proud to be a citizen. I get goosebumps every time I walk by his house and see that flag. For the most part, I take living here for granted so it's nice to be reminded once in a while what a great thing we have. Adam had his cup of coffee and said he needed to get his kids to school; as I walked away, slightly excited at the possibility of getting rid of Old-Girl-BMW, Adam said "You need to put it inside." I said "I know."

Happy Monday!


  1. this was a great post. especially the last sentence: "as I walked away, slightly excited at the possibility of getting rid of Old-Girl-BMW, Adam said "You need to put it inside." I said 'I know.'" sounds like its taken straight from a novel. except it's your life. i think this is supposed to be a tribute to your writing skills (which you definitely have).

  2. Yer funny...I thought it was sappy like something out of a Harlequin Romance novel.