Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our Dough-Boy-Gus (December 5, 2010-December 11, 2020); May he rise in peace...

It's a sad, sad day at Kasa Kecky. Gus was buried at sea this morning at 8:00am.

Okay, enough of that, he smelled really bad anyway! Meet Baby-Gus, II...shhh, he's sleeping.

Well, I'm feeling much better and Dad is here. I picked him up yesterday afternoon. According to Dad, he had no idea he was coming to stay with us. I know we talked about it last weekend when we saw him, but that was a long time ago in his world. I know Kathy told him more than once too. It's funny cause he's actually angry that nobody told him. Well, not funny but you know what I mean. At least he said he didn't mind coming to our house so that's a plus.

Lots to do today. Bro-In-Law-Darryll gave me a turkey carcass so I'll be making more stock and turkey soup for the dinna tonight. Dad likes soup! He also enjoyed his apple wood smoked BLT last night. So did we! That was the first meal I'd had in a day or so.

I'm also going to be making my little stocking stuffers for our Wichita Christmas. I'd tell you what I'm doing, only some of you are going to get the stuffer in your stocking so never mind.

Smokin-Hot-Poppy will be smoking some fish today for our Donner Party party we're having tomorrow. The Donner-Maes will be coming for a little holiday cheer, some smoked tid-bits and to discuss our Donner Party Expedition set for late January. We'll be discussing menus. Shouldn't be hard...she who doesn't pull her weight ends up on the plate! Ha, I just made that up. Actually, we Donner-Mae's are a bunch of foodies so we'll be eating good on this trip!

That's all I have for you. Check in with you on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

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