Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pickin's are slim at Kasa Kecky's...

Trying not to buy a bunch of food to keep the fridge pretty empty. Unfortunately, doesn't leave me with many dinner choices. With that leftover pasta sauce I had, I made some quiona elbow pasta to go with. I had planned on taking that for lunch yesterday, but since we didn't have anything for dinner, that's what we had. Served it with some sauteed cabbage, fennel and green onions. Not bad. Poppy didn't care for the veg. liked it. Think we'll have it again tonight! Heh heh heh.

Mr. Oven-Guy came yesterday. He was very Russian. Said the oven burner was obstructed...big job to clean. He cleaned it alright. My oven was at 475 degrees within 17 minutes!

Got an email from Pal-Crin. Here's what she woke up too:

Thanksgiving is almost here. Hope y'all have a very relaxing time with friends and family; I know Roger-The-Escape-Cat will!

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