Monday, November 8, 2010

And so it goes...

After Dad and I watched the Raider's game (he hates the Raider's, FYI), we packed Dad up and bugged-out of Kasa Kecky and headed to McClellan Manor. Nephew Lucas had the day off and his friend, Sam, was there too. I chatted with them for a while. Nephew Lucas showed me the medal he'd won at the Ultimate Championships. He said he hadn't taken it off since he won it. He's so cute!

Nephew Lucas asked how it was having Dad stay with us. I told him it was hard because you have to watch him all time and he's so bored. Since he can't see, he can't really do a lot by himself, especially at our house. You can only watch so many movies in a day. I don't envy Seester Kathy. She's really taken on more than I ever could. Lucas said that Dad seems to get along fine at their house and he has his routine. Anyway, I asked Lucas if he could heat up the soup I made for Dad for his dinner. He said he would and I was on my merry.

Dad said it was really a nice change for him to stay with us. He especially enjoyed our day with the fire pit and spitting the chicken. We figure when he comes to stay every month and the weather is good, we'll be grilling, smoking or spitting something.

Happy Monday!

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