Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Here's our champion in action...

Let's talk about last night's appetizer...Boss Karen knows how much Poppy and I enjoy the Padron peppers. She was at the farmer's market on Sunday and saw them so picked some up for us. The only way I like to make them is to saute them in olive oil until they get a little crispy then toss with Malden salt. So NOM! The gig with them is that there will be one in ten that is very hot. For some reason, each and everyone of these were very hot. At one point, I looked at Poppy and she had tears rolling down her face. She ended up eating the little ends off of each one. Then she got to the last one and I think I saw steam coming out her ears...she rant to the kitchen for the milk and a Pepcid! So fiery fun!


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