Friday, November 26, 2010

It's all about Thanksgiving...

Today's writing will be devoted to Thanksgiving. We had Seester Kathy, Bro-in-Law-Darryll, Dad, Nephew-Lucas, Niece-Ashely, Bro-in-Law's Brother, Dennis and wife, Sandra. Oh, and Dexter McLovin and the newest addition to the family, Sierra. Sierra is Niece-Ashley and her BF-Adam's new puppy. She is the sweetest thing ever...with really sharp little teeth!

Okay, let's get started...Friday evening was devoted to prep and making a few dishes. Here's how it looked before I started:

Now, we all know I'm no baker but I wanted to make dinner rolls. So after a Food 911 text to Friend and Cooking-Sensei-Jeanette, she gave me the courage needed to go forward. Check this out:

Kneading the dough:

The dough actually rose, which has never happened before:

Here's the table that Poppy set...Yeah, yeah, I'll finish the room sometime soon!

My cheese plate and pickle tray:

If you're wondering what the cocktail napkins says "Opps, I spent the grocery money on shoes." Friend-Drea gave those to me. I guess I have a rep about buying so many shoes-glorious-shoes!

Don't you just love the tray that the pickles are on? When I was a kid, my Mom somehow ended up with a bunch of these trays and we would use them for dinner every once in a while. I'm not sure what happened to those trays so when I saw this in the Goodwill Store, I had to have it!

Nephew-Lucas is very tired...

Depression-Era-Poppy is very happy. We decided to do two turkeys. One spit roasted:

And the other on Poppy's big rig:

They were both fabulous!!

The aftermath:

This is my Thanksgiving Dinner file. It has my menu and recipes inside...and lots of notes on the front. It's a keeper!

This picture is what was left before we went to bed.

I'm starving!!

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