Sunday, November 7, 2010

Last Day With Dad And A Chicken...

Since I can't remember what I write from one day to the next, I'll start with our fire pit...

Not only a fire pit, but a grill and now we have a spit! So Dad and I set off to the store yesterday to get the fixins for spitting a chicken. Now, Poppy wanted a happy chicken so we went to Guerra's and I bought two the tune of $42! That's right, no Jethro chicken for our maiden-spit-voyage. Although when I told Poppy how much the Very-Very-Happy-Chickens cost, she wasn't Very-Very-Happy.

Here's the Very-Very-Happy-Chicken before she goes to the faar:

With the Very-Very-Happy-Chickens we got season's end of corn on the cob and I picked up some broccoli and had a cauliflower from Seester so I roasted those.

Very-Very-Happy-Chicken, Very-Very-Happy Poppy and Dad:

More Very-Very-Happy Chicken, Poppy and Dad:

And finally...

Not sure what we'll do with Dad today. Might go listen to some music before we take him home.

Happy rainy Sunday!

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