Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let's talk about toilet seats...

I want a new toilet seat for the bathroom. Now, there are many toilet seats to choose from. Should we get just a plain old white one? I don't think so, how about some color?

Or maybe a nice wood one:

How about an African motif? We do live close to the zoo:

Too bad I loath the monkey! Well, there's always the sea; after all, we live within spitting distance of the beach:

Hmmm, decisions...

While we cogitate on toilet seats, let's move on to all things electric. You recall we are in the process of changing out some light fixtures and adding new ones. Well, Poppy also wants to change out all the switch plates and outlets...remember, what's old is new again:

...and costs 10 times more than it did when it was old.

Happy Saturday!

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