Saturday, November 20, 2010


Lots to report on today. First off, Thomas (not Tomas) was busy at the house the other day. He installed the fixture above the butcher block and all the new switch plates. The house is now almost complete. I've come to the conclusion that Depression-Era-Poppy is reliving her past with Grandma Carpenter's house. So, I've decided that I want the bedroom light fixture we purchase to remind me of my Grandma's house only it'll be one of those icky square glass shades from the late 60's. I'll let you know what we come up with.

While I love he light over the butcher block, the bulb is vintage, circa 1940-1960's and doesn't put out much light. If you put in a regular bulb, you feel like you're in a torture room being interrogated. I ended up putting a bulb from the fridge in. That works, but still gives me the feeling of being interrogated. Sure puts a nice light on the work surface though. We found the solution to the problem; we ordered a different shade. The shade will be the same, but instead of a plate shape it'll be more of a dome shape so it'll cover the bulb but still light my work surface.

Since we're on the subject of housey stuff, I've come to the conclusion over the last few weeks, my second Wedgewood oven, doesn't seem to be coming up to temperature as fast as I'd like. Took me two hours to bake a potato and I still ended up having to finish it in the convection/microwave. I put a call into the home warranty company so someone should be calling me within 24 hours. I love my oven!!

Had an email from my pal, Crin this morning. She lives in Tahoe. Her email was titled "It's heeeeeeerrrr."

And last, but not least, let's check in with A DAY IN THE LIFE OF DAD...Thanksgiving is just around the corner and through the years of holidays, one of the things we all enjoyed as a family was to play a rousing game of Tripoly. So much so that Dad even made a Tripoly table, complete with cocktail glass holders and a place to store all your winnings.

Well, we don't have the table anymore, but Seester Kathy has a travel Tripoly pad and a set of Marlborough poker chips. Yeah, these are the poker chips that come complete with a nice wooden box with the Marlborough brand burned into the lid. She got it for free for smoking so many cigarettes. She has since quit smoking, by the way. Yay Seester Kathy!!!

Seester Kathy asked if she should bring the Tripoly and the poker chips. What a great idea only Dad can't see the cards anymore. You know me, for every problem, there is a can get playing card for folks with low vision. I bought them and they definitely are large. This is gonna be fun!!!

Happy Saturday!

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