Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 3...In The Day In The Life Of Dad At The Kecky's

Check out our new dining room light Thomas (not Tomas) installed. Just gorgeous. Of course, Dad doesn't like it and said he'd never have it his house. Said they reminded him of when he was a kid. He just doesn't get our ArtKecko decorating style. Poppy told him "what's old is new again."

That brings me to the chandelier. What a bone-head move we made. We didn't take into account how long the chandelier would be and we do not have high ceilings. Thomas (not Tomas) got it all hung and then said "Are you sure you want it to hang this low cause this is as high as I can get it?"

Thomas (not Tomas) left shortly after that. Can't blame him, I guess.

Last night we headed to the Parkside Tavern. Poppy and I enjoy thei $1 Oyster Happy Hour. I asked Dad if he liked soon as the words came from my mouth I knew it was a mistake "OH FOR CHRIST-SAKE, NO, I DON'T LIKE OYSTERS! Then I remembered...Dad won't eat any "bottom crawlers" cause they eat all the garbage of the sea. Go figure.

After Dad had a few Vodka/Tonics in him he loosed up a bit. We went to sit down for dinner. He' already eyed the ribs on the menu and was very happy with his dinner. Once he was done eating, it was time to go...even though Poppy and I weren't done with our wine. Poor Poppy; she's taking notes on how to get through the future with me. I suppose she seems some familiarity in my personality with my Dad's. Whatever!

Once home, Poppy tried to talk Dad into watching Battle Star Galactica or Serenity. Both science fiction shows. He chose Serenity. Didn't last long. He thought it was stupid and went to bed at 9:00.

Happy Saturday!

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