Friday, November 5, 2010

1.5 Days In The Life Of Dad Down, 2.5 To Go...

Well, after watching The View yesterday, Dad said he would mow our little patch of lawn. It looks very nice. After that, he wanted his lunchable and a soda. Then it was time for a nappy.

After he got up I figured it was movie time until all his other afternoon shows came on...The Fox Network. So I'd lined up all these instant movies to watch on Netflix. Mostly classic westerns and war movies cause Seester Kathy told me he likes the old stuff cause it moves slow enough for him. Turns out, he doesn't like the old stuff. Hurumph! We ended up watching Legends of the Fall. But before doing that he realized he forgot the charger for his hearing aid. So that means we got to watch the movie that I could hear just perfect...from a block away...with the double-payned windows shut.

Poppy has the truck so I couldn't drive over to Seester Kathy's to get the charger, but Niece Ashley will be coming by today to bring it to us. Yay!

For dinner we made Apple Wood smoked BLT's. Somewhere in the middle of that, Dad's crown fell out.

Before lunch today, I walked up to Walgreens to get the cap fix-it kit. I didn't have much faith that this would didn't. Guess he'll be going to the dentist.

Say, let's have an episode of KEEPING UP WITH THE KECKY'S! All the goodies came for my kitchen sink so I finished that yesterday. It's so pretty...that's a soap dispenser on the left.

Okay, I guess I should have rinsed out the sink first for the photo-op.

Thomas (not Tomas), who is Friend-Laurie's-Daughter-Meghan's-Boyfriend is here doing some electrical work for us. We have a task list of about 15 things we want him to do. So far, he installed a timer on the fan in the bathroom. Next up, he's going to hang a three pendant light in the dining room, followed by the antique cast iron chandelier on the landing and then a one pendent light over my butcher block. So exciting!

Check in a little later.

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