Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthday Celebration, Grand Finale...

The last day of my Birthday celebration ended with a party at Seester and Bro-In-Law's. What a fun day we had! Here are the highlights:

Seester loves to decorate. I always refer to Halloween as the Opening of the Decorating Season at Seester's house. Starts then and ends sometime in January.

There was cake:

We were too full to eat it, but Seester sent some home with us. We managed a few bites when we got was NOM. So were the deviled eggs she made. She sent us home with those too. I know what I'm having for breakfast!

There was a gross little jumping minkey!

I guess the next worse thing to a poopy-throwing-minkey would be a jumping one. Kind of like one of those jumping spiders, only different.

There were horseshoes:

I suck at horseshoes, always have. Odd, since the word "shoe" is in the game; you'd think I'd be a natural. Keeping score isn't bad except for that whole math thing.

There was Rockband:

I'm also a spastic when it comes to playing an instrument, so I end up singing, whether anybody likes it or not. Last time we did this, Dad seemed to just love it. This time he went to his bedroom. Seester and I realized the last time, he didn't have his hearing aids. I guess we don't sound as good as he thought we did.

And of course, Birthday-Boozy-Kelly:

Not much to say about that other than when I got out of bed this morning, I had little birthday confetti dots stuck to my face.

The best part, which I forgot to get a pic of was my dinner of chicken and dumplings!!

A fun time was had by all, but now it's time to get back to my normal routine. Can't wait for next year's festivities!

Bye bye.

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