Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nubbins Gets Her Surgery!!

Yep, went to see the hand surgeon yesterday, Dr. Engel. He specializes in hand overuse injuries. Most of his clients are musicians. That means, Fatass is like a rock star, only different!

I'm scheduled to have my Transverse Carpal Ligament released at 2:00 on Tuesday, June 21.

Here's how it's gonna to go down...

I will be awake for the procedure and it will take 10 minutes. I show up 15 minutes before.

The surgery is on Tuesday and I'll be back to work on Friday.

I will have a big wrap thing on it for two days. Then I will remove it, take a shower and wash it, then stick an adhesive bandage (that will look strangely like a strip of bacon) on it.

For the next few days I'll keep a clean bacon adhesive bandage on it. Just need to be careful of it, but can resume my normal life

Here's the best part, I will not be wearing a brace after the surgery or ever again! Well, I suppose if the procedure doesn't work, then I will, but he said that Fatass is a great candidate...she doesn't smoke or have diabetes, oh, and she's young!

There is no rhyme or reason as to why people get the carpal tunnel. Said that there is too much stuff in the tunnel and that causes the blood vessels to compress. During the surgery, he will show me the very pale nerve, release the ligament, then blood will immediately flow to the nerve and it will turn bright pink before my very eyes. Guess that’s about when I’ll pass out. ;)

I told him that the odd thing was my right hand was feeling pretty good. He said that he’s seen folks that have had it in both hands but once they have surgery in one hand, the other hand somehow fixes itself. Weird.

Since Adventure-Poppy will be gallivanting around Europe somewhere with MomJean while I'm under the knife (really, it's okay, I'll be fine...), Seester has happily stepped in to take me for the procedure and then take me home. She'll even spend the night with me. Sounds like a party, if you ask me!

Let's talk about the dinnah...I'd been marinating my NOM NOM Chicken since Tuesday night. As I was spatchcocking him, I noticed my knife was making an odd turn. Either that or he was deformed to begin with. I think I'll go for the latter.

He tasted good all the same.

Tonight, Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer and I head down to Seester's to cook some ribeyes for her, Dad and Nephew-Lucas. Unfortunately, Bro-N-Law is somewhere in the Elk Grove area taking care of his Father and that means he ain't surfing and that means he ain't too happy. He has definitely earned his way through the pearly gates!

Oh, if you're wondering about the reference to "Nubbins", that's one of my office nicknames because of my disproportionately sized pinkies.


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