Monday, May 9, 2011

Well that was a busy weekend!

Friday, Boss K and Co-Worker-Andrea took me to lunch for a late birthday treat. Guess who was there? TIM LINCECUM! Here he is driving away...

Oh, lunch was really good too!

Saturday was the annual Derby Party hosted by Tom and Gayle. This party is held every year at The Riptide. Fortunately for us, we moved within crawling distance of The Riptide. Since this is one huge party, Hospitality-Poppy offered up our oven and fridge if needed. Our oven was needed...for a 22lb ham! I could barely get the oven door closed.

Tom dropped that bad-boy off around noon and we kept it warm until party time.

Oh, and I'm the proud owner of a very large ham bone!

What a party...

Here we are losing our money:

Sunday was a Kasa Kecky Project Day. Our goal was to put a little split-rail fence in the backyard by the rain forest. Unfortunately, the dirt was way to hard to get through. Time for Plan B.

We have these bricks that we had at the Presidio house. They were part of what we called our college dorm bookshelf. We bought them used. So now, we repurposed them where the little fence was supposed to go.

Here's the before, where I dug the little ditch:

Here's the after. It looks a lot better now cause I put all the patio furniture back, but you get the idea:

So now that we got that all taken care of, it was time for The Mama to relax! Happy Boozy Mother's Day to me...I mean Fatass. I wouldn't be caught dead in a picture dressed like this!

Oh, when I got up on Sunday morning, Cabin-Fever-Jax really wanted to take a run on the beach. I had one of those Chuck-It things, but on one of my rock hunting expeditions, I lost it. I went to buy another one, but they were out of stock. I found the next best thing...actually, better than the Chuck-It...Retired-Racquetball-Player-Poppy's racquetball racquet (how many times can you use "racquet" in one sentence?).

Down to the beach we went. I can hit that ball a long, long way. Here's how the Pooped-Pup spent the rest of the day:

Happy Monday!

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