Wednesday, May 18, 2011

'Tis The Season and I'm in a mood!

What I mean to say is it's time for Spring/Summer Cold and Flu Season! Well, in this building, it's always Cold and Flu Season. Our building is completely overcrowded and has no HVAC system.

FFM-Laurie was hit hard and is out of work this week. I am blaming one of our Co-Workers for this round of illnesses. I'd love to tell you her name, but let's just call her "Croupy". She came to work the entire time she was sick. For over a week she was an oozy-gooey mess. Then she got Netty-Mae sick. Netty-Mae ended up with Strep Throat and now FFM-Laurie is down with Bronchitis.

What does all this mean to me? Well, as we know FFM-Typhoid-Laurie is all things front desk, so I've been picking up her shift while she's out. It's not a big deal, really, it's just...well, I'm the wrong person to be working with the public. I have little patience for stupid people. There are lots of them that call here or come through the door. I realize that may sound snooty, but it's true.

The best part about working with our public is that pretty much everyone hates us. They walk in the door already pissed off. For example, I had a tenant ring our handicapped doorbell on the other side of the building. She wanted in bad. Was she handicapped? Nope. Well, she had a baby in a stroller, so as far as I'm concerned, that's a handicap.

Anyway, I start running down to the door only to find that she was so impatient that she'd started walking to the front door. When I say walking, think Wicked Witch of the West and that music playing in the background. So back I run to the front door. When she came in she proceeded to lecture me on how we needed signage on the handicap door cause no one ever answers it. I explained to her that we're not allowed to willy-nilly let anyone in that door and I was on my way back there to fetch her. She didn't like that answer and said again that we needed signage. I pretty much repeated what I'd said and then she said "DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID?"...

Very calmly, I turned my head so she wouldn't see the smoke coming out of my ears, gathered myself, turned to face her and said "Why yes, I heard what you said. Now, what can I help you with?" She handed me a couple of letters for our Executive Director. I said "Thank you! You have a lovely day!" (...BITCH!)

Here's another good one...We've got a free shuttle, PresidiGo. There are two lines; Around The Park and The Downtown Shuttle. So this lady's how the conversation went..."Hi, I'm a teacher how many people does the Shuttle seat?" How the F do I know and why do I care that you're a teacher?! I reply "a lot. How many do you have?" She says "Twenty-One kids, but I'm sure they can squeeze together." Actually, what I really thought was "You're a teacher, you do the math cause I sure as hell can't."

Then she says "I'm looking at the shuttle map, where are Shuttle Stops 27 and 27(a)?" Okay, lady yer just being stupid now...So I say "There on the map." She says "I have another question." Now I'm rolling my eyes cause I can't imagine what's gonna come out of her mouth. "How long does it take from Stop 27-27(a) to get to the bowling center because that's where we're going?" I start banging the phone receiver on the desk. ACK!! How the hell do I know?? I reply "a half-hour." GOD-DUH!!

Oh look, Croupy just walked by the front desk huff'n and puff'n.

But wait, there's more...Last year, we and Forrest City Development had the grand opening of the Landmark Apartments. Where is that you might ask? Well, that's where freakin Shuttle Stop 27 and 27(a) are! Anyway, I guess at the grand opening they gave out plastic water bottles with the Landmark Apartments logo on it. Last week, some guy came in and said his bottle was defective and could he get another.

I'm still speechless.

Okay, so Boss-K has not been around much this week with taking care of her Seester and attending a seminar. That's good, since I'm at the front desk. Today, I'll be working on the next front desk rotation schedule. I'm also going to catch up on my catalogs...and If I have time, I'm going to start a rubber-band ball! There is only so much real work you can do at the front desk because you're constantly being interrupted by that silly public!

Alright, I gotta go do the mail...

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