Thursday, May 5, 2011

Salmon and Shoes!

We had a heatwave yesterday and it wasn't a Spare-The-Air-Day so I thought it would be fun for Grill-Masta-Poppy to grill up some salmon and veggies. I bought some salmon, asparagus and an orange bell pepper. Cruciferae-Poppy also wanted some steamed broccoli. I wanted my wasabi sauce for the salmon. Here's how it went down...

I prepped the veggies and the salmon.

First thing I did was mince some garlic and shallots. I sliced shallots too. The sliced shallots were sauteed and then added to a mixture of soy sauce, water, and a little chili-sesame oil. This would be used for the various marinades and my wasabi sauce.

I took some minced garlic and shallots; to that I added rice vinegar, chili-sesame oil some of the soy mixture and olive oil. Whisked it and put it in the bag with a big smashed knob of ginger.

Then I took some garlic, ginger, olive oil, a touch of rice vinegar and a little of my Genmaicha Tea Salt and put it in my mortar/pestle and squished it until it was a nice paste. Put that on the salmon.

Now for the wasabi sauce. This originally came from the Atkin's diet, but I've embellished it a bit. Okay, it's 2 parts sour cream to one part mayo. Add those minced shallots...oh, about a tablespoon or so. Then get some of that wasabi-in-a-tube and squirt some in to the mix. Finally, add a couple of tablespoons of the soy mixture. All of this is to taste so have at it. It's the best tasty-treat-sensation ever!

Drizzle the sauce over your salmon. Well, I drizzle it over everything...Okay, I even eat it by the spoonful. Right up there with pickle juice!

Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the final product. I did get a picture of Jax-The-Salmon-Skin-Connesewer in her Queenie-of-the-Nile pose:

At least Patience-Poppy didn't put the salmon on Jax's head this time. That took days to get that stink off.

Last year around Seester's birthday, Dad told Seester he was only going to give us $50 from now on. I think this is so funny cause I don't know why he feels we need to be given $$ for our birthday, but I'm not going to argue with him. Anyhow, he gives me my birthday card last weekend and inside is $100. I show it to Seester and say "what gives?" Now I feel bad, so ask her if she wants some of it. Fair is fair. She says she doesn't.

Well, now I've got $100 burning a hole in my wallet. Do I:

a. Put it in my savings;
b. Buy something for the house;
c. Make a donation to some needy charity; or
d. Buy a pair of shoes.

Um, well...Of course I bought a pair of shoes!

Have a great day!

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