Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who Let The Dogs Out?...

Very big game today. I cough cough think cough cough I'm cough cough not cough cough feeling cough cough very cough cough well cough cough and cough cough should cough cough go home cough cough by cough cough 1:00pm!

Well since Sydney-The-Perfect-Speller corrected my spelling of Ignatius, I might as well come completely clean with the Catholics. Upon further review of EYE OF THE TIGER playing ad nauseam, it turns out it wasn't the Catholics, it was the Nike Women's Marathon. I guess every time someone crossed the finish line they played the chorus of the song. Torture! Thanks again for the correction, Sydney...really, I think.



  1. I was supposed to run that marathon! But then i didn't train for it so i didn't. And I'm just tryin' to help you help yourself! GO GIANTS!

    Ps. A surprising number of people in my office were "sick" today.

  2. Just as well you didn't run it, you would have been driven nuts by the song. I had to go get the emergency crank-by-hand radio to listen to the game yesterday. This is so exciting!

  3. hahahahah my mom told me about emergency crank by hand radio this morning and i was in hysterics, as was she as she told me the story