Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday's Dinner...

Oh who cares....THE GIANTS ARE AWESOME! Okay, I care...the family went to friend-Laurie's house to watch the game, play pool and eat pizza. The pizza was from a place called Goodfella's. Ranks right up there with a few of the best NOMMY pizza I've ever had!

Here's my Busta:

Here's Friend-Laurie's daughter, Meghan and hoosband, George:

Here's the best part of the evening...when we left our house to go to Friend-Laurie's, we had Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer with us cause she was going to meet up with her Dexter McLovin. Well, she was one excited little dog and was whining and crying the whole way down there. When she gets like that, it usually upsets her delicate little system and she'll want to barf at some point.

In fact, when we arrived at Friend-Laurie's I said "I hope she doesn't do anything." Friend-Laurie said "She can do whatever she wants." Well, wasn't she in for a treat...We're all sitting on the couch watching the game and I think it was Seester Kathy or Meghan that pointed and said "Jax threw up!" I look down by where Poppy is sitting and sure enough, there it was, a river of ralf. All over the couch, all over Poppy's pants and now it's heading in between the cushions of the couch that I'm now trying to catch with my bare hand. OMG, how mortifying is this? Friend-Laurie insisted it was okay and that she hated that couch...

And now for a special shout-out to coworker, Letty. She works in Seester Kathy's department and makes yummy treats for her staff meetings and has been nice enough to share them with me. Yesterday was pot stickers and they were the NOMMIEST pot stickers I've had to date!

Go Giants!

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