Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seester's Birthday Eve...

Having the family over for dinner tonight to celebrate Seester's Birthday. Now, most of you know I'm no baker but I wanted to make a cake for the Seester. Her favorite cake is white cake with milk chocolate frosting. Not just any cake either, the kind that you get in a box and the frosting that comes in that container. Good for me too because...I'm no baker. Seems simple enough, right? Not when...uh huh...I'm no baker. A few years ago I made the same box cake and ended up with a train-wreck on a plate. Fortunately for me, Seester's birthday falls on Earthquake day so I threw the frosting on it, tossed some candles around, put some raspberry jam (fake blood) and called it an Earthquake Cake.

So here's my dilemma this year; I got some mini-loaf pans to make the cake in. Figured I'd stack the loafs into some geometric shape and frost. Again, sounds simple enough, right? Not if you're not a baker...and I ain't no baker.

Now what? I can't make another Earthquake Cake. So I email Friend and Family-Member, Laurie, the picture. She suggests I make a Trifle out of it. Sounds like a good idea only will that chemical-laden frosting melt cause I'm not going to be able to spread it in layers cause all the little cake bits will stick to it. Oh, it's just hell being me!

So I give it a go to try to melt the frosting; much to my surprise it actually melts. So here's the finished product:

So, what have we learned here? That's right, I ain't no baker and I never will be. I think I'll go make a batch of gravy. I'm good at that!

VIVA LOS GIGANTES and have a swell day!


  1. I'm sorry...I didn't think about it cause you're in Modesto. My bad...I'll remember next time! Thanksgiving???